Another blog post underway, rather than Sunday…it is Tuesday. The weekend got a bit hectic and workloads are changing a bit, so this blog is a bit delayed.

This week has been content related for the most part and the rest focused on onboarding. I am working on task checking for the onboarding writers and the digital marketer onboarders.

The mission to edit content across the Pearl Lemon sites is well underway. The bulk of that time was focused on writing FAQs for the main site, this week will be addressing the other sites. It is a definite divide and conquer strategy between me and Tannishtha.

For all content we are and have addressed a combination of FAQs, new blogs, editing and bulking up old blogs, taking care of CTAs, and making sure duplicate content does not occur.

Doing this does take time, but I have hopes one of the new trial writers will be able to come on board and the three of us will be able to take care of all potential issues. My goal is to have ALL of those addressed and knocked out by September 1st.

Outside of this, quick admin tasks have also been tackled. Quick tasks include reviewing looms, sending looms, sending invoices, and any other quick tasks that are faster to just take care of rather than adding in Trello.

Upcoming for today and this week is a bit of extra variety as well. Although content focused, I will be helping Fares out with the partner site and getting sections bulked up.

I learned this weekend that writing for Kemistri takes much longer than my other pieces. I decided that for this week my Udemy course will be focused on Forex as a result. SEO pieces plus research usually means I can write 900-1100 words per hour. Forex pieces take me about three times as long because I need to do a much deeper level of research because I don’t have enough baseline knowledge.

This week has also been better in terms of productivity. As my headaches and dizziness has subsided, my work flow has increased. Although my hour goal of 38 hours was not met, I still got a great deal done. Todd ended up getting sick, so Friday and Saturday combined was five hours, rather than five hours each.

Also outside of Pearl Lemon, despite being born at the tail end of August, I am ready for fall to be back. This heat kills me… and I leave for cool sweater season, hot tea and mulled spiced…and scary movie marathons.

I am finding as time goes, my partner blogs are getting more difficult for me to follow and write out to that 1000 word goal I used to have. My urgency to get to other tasks has increased in the last few months.

With that has also come my speed of writing these greatly decreased as well.

Annndd with that being said…it is time to polish this up and get it up on the site 🙂

Until next week…