Hi everyone! Similar to last time, most of my work from the 4th week slipped into the 5th and merging it would result in a more comprehensive partner update!

The 4th Week mostly included working on the Ultimate Guide to WordPress (as I am writing this update at the beginning of my 6th week, I finally finished the monster guide of over 8000 words!) and lots of video content creation.

For video Content Creation, over the span of two weeks, I have edited over 10 hours of footage. I think the editing task is super fun because I get a sneak peek into our founder- Deepak’s courses which otherwise, many view at a price since it’s a MOOC. By watching his videos I have learnt a lot about Podcast Marketing, LinkedIn Lead Profile building and many more whilst constructively implementing my leanings.

Writing guest and client posts was the other focus over the past two weeks as I wrote about three client posts on Sebastian Cruise Couture which was super exciting! Believe me when I say that I am now a versatile men’s couture consultant.

The founder also trusted me with a very important task of proofreading a novel he is currently working on which has crossed 50,000 words.

Other than that, I have also been consequently training and helping our newest content writers Noah and Sarah as well as Sam, our Marketing Executive with the writing style of the company and forwarding them the content writing training material for reference and more efficiency.

The outreach part of our content writing has come to a halt since we need a bit more help with the approach we are supposed to take when sending out campaign emails to our recipients.

However, I leant a lot about email marketing in the process and using various software to help with the same such as PhantomBuster, Mailshake and Clearout.io.

The emails ideally need to be tailored more specifically to each recipient with a hint of personalisation which becomes slightly complicated especially if you’re sending out bulk emails to around 700 people at once. Makes me so nervous to even think about pressing the send button!

I had a very interesting meeting with Chris, our writing coach as well. Deepak was kind enough to ensure a one-on-one consultancy with him and it was super productive. Not only did he send me a summary sheet about my strengths and weaknesses, but also ran my work through Grammarly and Hemmingway to grade my work. I scored 8 in both which apparently is very good, so definitely happy about that!

The 5th Week, in particular, was a bit of a nervous one because the team meeting due that week was to be lead by me! Most of the time was spent in front of the mirror practising the drill and coming up with a fun icebreaker.

My idea for an icebreaker involved all team members sharing their favourite book/movie. This quarantine has actually made a lot of room for me to read books and on an average, I finish two books and one audiobook every week! From reading psychological thrillers and murder mystery my most enjoyed genre has shifted to reading entrepreneurial books which are usually biographies or autobiographies of very influential businessmen such as Richard Branson and Donald Trump.

The team was very interactive; while some talked classic box-office hits such as The Shawshank Redemption, others talked about books such as I’m Ok, You’re Ok.

Overall, it was definitely an exhausting week with a lot of writing and proofreading. Got new stuff lined up which I will fill you in about in my next partner update! See you!