Hey all!

Another week has gone by, a lot more experience gained. 


This week was PACKED. But it was a lot more organized so I felt just a bit more productive. Still have some room for improvement. But here’s the breakdown:


A few more campaigns were given to me to make responses on. Skylar and Isabela Worked hard to get everything organized and it paid off.

With this chart, I have gotten a lot more direction on what I should be doing. It can be easy in a remote job to be floating around, not sure what you should do, how you should do it etc. 


It is a great feeling to be more organized. I can plan out my day better, and get better results. I’m also feeling wayyyy more comfortable with the software for lead generation. It is interesting to me how Digital Marketing is not as complicated as I had initially thought. 


I think the toughest thing this week has been balancing my personal life with my work life. I do caretaking and a volunteer ministry. Sometimes I can focus on one well, while the others suffer, or I try to juggle them all at once and they all suffer. Each of these are deeply important to me, so I want to set aside the right time for each to give them proper attention. 


At our meeting today we talked a lot about how to handle client calls. At first, I felt reasonably confident, but in our training, I realized I can sound a bit monotone. There’s another goal added lol! We have to match what the client feels and think about what I am going to say. We had a nice little practice session where we all got to do that. 


It is hard to believe that a month and a half has already passed since I’ve been here. It’s been a fantastic learning experience and I’m excited to see where things go from here. 


Until next time see ya!