It’s the end of my 4th week at Pearl Lemon!! It’s hard to believe it because I’ve been involved in so many activities in such a short period that it definitely felt longer.

The big news from this week is that I have a new role to alternate with my usual one!

I already mentioned this in my last post, but in case you didn’t read it, let me explain everything better here.

So, my role until now was the HR Success Manager at Pearl Lemon.

My main focus is on recruitment and development. This week I was in charge of hiring a new sales associate – which is rare since it’s Deepak directly interviewing candidates – and content writers. I feel like I didn’t get to interview as many content creators as last time, but hopefully we are ready to start with two candidates on Monday.

My new role is Lead Generation Manager at Kemistri.

It’s interesting to know that our CEO (Deepak) is the founder of several businesses such as Kemistri – an investment-led software technology company, specializing in Forex & Equities Algorithms. We are now trying to address the Italian market and therefore, as an Italian, I come in useful to find new leads.

The beginning of the week was tough, going through the training sessions wasn’t that easy. As this role is pretty new, the training material may need some improvement and some processes may change over time. Not to mention that the Italian position never existed before, hence some record-keeping will have to be created from scratch. My focus now is to explore how to best handle this new challenge.

Thursday and Friday were definitely better. I was finally feeling more at ease with both my roles as I was aware of what I needed to do, and consequently I could be more independent.

To summarize everything I learned during the week, I can say I gained a lot of knowledge and experience on many different platforms, both for hiring partners and for contacting leads. When posting job ads, I already know why to prefer one platform over the others: I usually give priority to the easiest one to use, the quickest to put me in contact with applicants and those that do not remove all our ads. Instead, when it came to lead generation, I had no clue on how to use those platforms, so everything was beneficial to know at that stage.

My objective for next week is to find the right steps to be as efficient as possible when I am talking to leads and recording their information. It’s basically refining my strategies.

Yesterday’s team meeting was unusual! Deepak happened to be outdoors during the meeting and didn’t have enough phone battery to attend it to the end. We therefore had to finish the discussion ourselves and I feel like it was a good opportunity for all partners to be more engaged as no official leader was there. I am proud of the great results we achieved, despite the unexpected situation.

The last thing to talk about is my work-life balance. I will highlight two special nights out during the week. In both cases, it was my first time, but I had such a great time that I plan on organising similar evenings more often.

One was a dinner with my sister and cousin at the lake. We enjoyed a peaceful atmosphere, a beautiful sunset reflecting on the water, and our delicious pizzas (I should stress the plural of “pizzas” because in Italy each person has his/her own pizza – we usually don’t share slices from the same one).

How our summer nights look around 9 pm.

The other night out was just about me finally going on rollerblades! I’ve been wanting to practice for a long time, but couldn’t find the right place to do it.

FYI, I can go on them because I learned when I was little and I sometimes go ice skating, however I’m still learning a lot – definitely not an expert.

Here’s another picture of me enjoying the sunset.

Can you tell I love this time of the day?

I hope you enjoyed reading my weekly update.

See you next week!