Another Sunday, another weekly update. Another update also being written while sitting in the car. Travel days like today I have developed a rhythm to be productive while still being able to have family time, personal time, and get the work I want to do done.

Pearl Lemon this week is unfortunately my last full-time week until after spring term as classes start tomorrow January 6th.

Accomplished this week:

I am looking forward to this week though. I am signed up for five classes this term. Work life experience and partnership will go the full 16 weeks. Accounting 102 will be the second 8 weeks and I honestly can’t recall if my intro to entrepreneurship class and micro-economics courses are the first or last 8 weeks, but they are in there.

If done right, the Work Life Experience class, with the help of Pearl Lemon and Deepak, will allow me to substitute nine courses out making it so my graduation boots up to December 2020 instead of December 2021, which would be greatly appreciated so I can power on to my Master’s degree.

It will be an intense semester, the Work Life class will have a portfolio written for each class I want to substitute and the partnership has weekly papers to write. Plus the need to study and do “regular” work for the other three classes.

I am also 5 days into a new, set schedule as well. Wake at 6am and then up until lunch will be class work and after lunch will be Pearl Lemon work. This will allow for Monday to Friday to spend 30 hours on classes and 25 on Pearl Lemon and then weekends giving another 12 hours on weekends to Pearl Lemon.

Today’s 6am wake included staring out the window trying to wake up instead of yoga and meditating and forcing a bigger wake up at about 8 this morning with nitro cold brew.

Aside classes there is already a full Trello board queued up for the start of the week and for what I can’t end up finishing today:

Wrapping this up, another month is about to close here at Pearl Lemon as well for me, the 8th of each month marks a new month. May to January… 8 months. The one-year mark is quickly coming up, I still enjoy it, still enjoy the learning….and still am proving to my inner circle that this is good for me and I don’t need to quit to try and hurry and move out.

Granted having a car again would be nice. The partnership wave is well worth the experience while my relative costs of living are fairly low…. No car payment, no car insurance, no rent.