Wow, what a week. As per usual, here are my 5 (semi) interesting life updates! 

  1. I finally finished painting my room!! The green is complete and I couldn’t be happier. I haven’t finished re-furnishing it yet, but improvements have been made. Currently, my furniture is sitting in a huge pile in my room and my desk is in pieces. But at least my walls are green and the paint smell is almost all gone 😄. 
  2. To no surprise, I have started another book. An oldy but a goody― To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee. Although I have already read it like 3 times in high school, it’s been a while and is a nice de-stressor.
  3. So yesterday, my dad got a new car. And he didn’t even tell us. He actually said he was going out for a haircut and 4 hours later, turned up in the driveway with a new Jeep Gladiator, with extra big tires lol. Goodbye to our trusty old Ford Explorer. We didn’t even get to say goodbye.
  4. My parents decided to take the plunge and get hardwoods floors to replace our stinky dog-filled carpet in the living room. The wood won’t be arriving for a while but I am super excited!!
  5. We went to the drive-in to see Tenet, since theaters are still closed and all. Although we got there a little late and ended up with a parking spot all the way on the end, it was still really fun. We had to keep turning the car on and off to make sure the battery didn’t die, which was a little distracting, but we got a nice order of fries delivered to our cars haha. 

car and truck drive-in theaters

At Pearl Lemon, I worked on some guest posts and started writing blog posts for Plant Sumo, our plant-based meal delivery service. So far, I really enjoy the content and find it interesting to research. 

One lesson I’ve learned this week at work is the importance of setting boundaries. While this is applicable to many aspects of life, setting boundaries with my families allows me to designate work hours vs. family hours. 

Working from home makes it hard to designate between me time and family time. Since I work downstairs, deciding what times of day are dedicated to work is essential. 

This week, especially, I have found boundaries very helpful in keeping me focused on work. Although this isn’t a lesson per se, it’s my tip of the week that I recommend to all you work-from-homers. 

Next week I will be in Park City, Utah with my friend Ellie and I couldn’t be more excited. We are going to create our own “work-from-home” experience up in the mountains. Hopefully, it will be a productive week. 

I will probably be working on more guest posts and maybe dabble in a few new topics as well. A potential interview lead finally emailed me back too, so that could bee cool! 

So catch ya next week, in the fresh air and crisp weather 😋.