Podcast update!

Ok, so last week I talked about how I wasn’t sure if I would appear on podcasts on behalf of Pearl Lemon as a guest, or if I am going to do podcasts for Pearl Lemon.

Well, it turns out I will be doing both!

I know I’m just as excited as you are!

I had the meeting with Dee about it, as I mentioned last week, and he explained that he wants me to appear as a guest on already established podcasts and represent Pearl Lemon.

Mainly I will talk about content writing and podcast outreach (which I recently wrote an ultimate guide on). I will try to find more specific angles on those two topics for my pitches, but that is generally what I will be focusing on.

Me with my podcasting mic

(Me with my podcasting mic)

Which I am happy about because I was nervous he was going to want me to talk about like super technical SEO stuff or something else I don’t know much about.

It will probably be a bit before I start getting on podcasts because right now, I am focusing on creating my outreach strategy for it.

You can learn more about this once my guide comes out, but basically it involves gathering relevant podcasts and contacting the host(s) asking to appear on their show as a guest.

Right now I am in the “gathering stage.” I’ve been going through Spotify, Charitable, Apple podcasts and other podcasting platforms and gathering podcasts that make sense for my topics.

I am also trying to find ones that I believe I can add value to and actually have me as a guest.

Meaning, unfortunately, I won’t be reaching out to some top podcasts who only feature CEOs because, well, I’m still just a partner. But a damn good one at that (at least I’m assuming until I get told otherwise).

As for the Pearl Lemon podcast, I will essentially be interviewing founders of companies, and asking them about their stories and what made them successful. Dee has a list of clients already that he is going to ask.

I am super excited about doing this! I think interviewing people can be so much fun. I’ve done it a ton for journalism projects at college and the twitter account I used to run with my friend in high school.

The account covered our high school track and cross country team. We would interview our teammates, and we made other video projects. It was tons of fun, and we always get hit with waves of nostalgia when we go back and look at them.

Ok, onto something other than podcasts.

Something new I did this week was editing.

I mean, I’ve edited things before, but this was my first time going through a published site and checking it over.

One of our web designers, Kaushal, was redesigning the Pearl Lemon Leads website, so I went through all of the on-site content and checked it over. It was a bit monotonous at times, but I liked having a change of pace.

At some point next week, I’m going to start going through the already published blog content on all of our sites. It will take some time, but I’m going to slowly start knocking it out.

I also got a chance to talk to a bunch of the content writers on trial.

At Pearl Lemon, we have our partners do a “trial week” where they are essentially an unofficial partner for a week.

I found my trial week really useful because it gave me a chance to see if I would like this job without having the pressure of a long term commitment already in place.

It was kind of like the first few dates you go on with someone. You’re getting to know each other and you can break it off if it isn’t working, no hard feelings.

I’m sure it was good for Dee as well to make sure that I would be somewhat competent at what I do. Clearly I at least did an adequate job.

But yeah, I talked to some content writers on trial in a WhatsApp group chat. They all sounded really enthusiastic, and I’m excited to work with them potentially!

They asked a ton of questions about what being an partner is like and content writing, and I was glad they found my answers useful.

It was funny though, having them ask me all of those questions, considering I’ve only been an partner for a month. I was thinking, “do I have enough experience to answer their questions?”

I guess so because it seemed like I knew what I was talking about. It reminded me of my freshman year of college, when I had to host high schoolers that my track team was recruiting like a month after I got there. I showed these kids around our campus while I was still figuring out where all my classes were.

Something else crazy that happened was I led our team meeting yesterday!

I was totally caught off guard. Usually, Dee picks someone the week before, but he forgot, so he picked me at the start of the meeting.

I think I did a solid job. I kept things flowing and tried to make conversation. Dee gave me a couple of tips afterward:

I think he is definitely right in saying those, so I can’t wait for my next chance to lead some type of meeting so I can try those out.

I might even just try sounding more enthusiastic during the next meeting, even though I won’t be leading it.

Well, that just about sums up this past week. It also marks the end of my first full month as an partner!

Here’s to another great 5 months!