It’s week four, and I have learned so much in my first month working at Pearl Lemon. 

Since I started in late October, everything has been so fast-paced, it’s nice to take a moment to look back and take it all in. 

Managing my time, staying in touch with the team, and adjusting to the Pearl Lemon workload is getting easier. 

Over time, I’ve been able to ‘get into the groove’ so to speak. 

In the first two weeks, my weakness was staying in touch with team members in a timely manner. In our weekly staff meetings, we always talk about what we can improve in the next week. 

This practice helped me analyze my productivity and quality of work through that lens. As a result, there’s been constant improvement week after week, especially with communication. 

There’s still room for improvement, but I’m happy with my progress thus far.

What Happened this Week?

This week I did a lot of writing (as always). 

The difference is, this week I got the opportunity to train someone about the content writing process. 

Training others how to write for the internet, and optimize their content, helps me become a better writer as well. 

I am technically a professional editor, but I’d never learned how to optimize content to rank well on search engines. 

That’s an aspect of web copywriting that is often overlooked.

I’m glad that through PL, I’ve developed this important skill set. 

It has made me analyze articles better and pay more attention to the technicalities that don’t often seem important. 

Aside from training new content writers, I’ve been working on a new project with Deepak that requires extensive research and keeps me quite busy. It’s a nice change from my usual daily tasks. 

Yet again, this week has been full of new learning opportunities to diversify my skill set. I look forward to what next week brings!

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