Hi everyone! Welcome back to yet another partner blog! I have now come to the end of my initial 30-day probationary period!! 


 I’m proud of myself for what I’ve accomplished so far, and I hope to keep pushing myself more and more as I continue in my role. 


Didn’t get as much done as I would’ve liked due to moving to London and getting used to the city, but here are the highlights of my week! 

Moved up to London

Wow!! It’s amazing, I’ve visited before but being here is a whole nother kettle of fish.  I had to spend a lot of time getting stuff set up like the wifi, fixing issues with the plumbing etc. 


But I’ve been spending a lot of time visiting new places on the tube, I went to Shephard’s Bush and Bromfield recently for the first time. Compared to where I normally live- a tiny village, its an incredibly fast-paced lifestyle but I’m enjoying it.   

First official podcast with the Vegan Voyagers 

Had my first official Podcast! Went well, Erin and Hayden (the vegan voyagers) were both very friendly and incredibly wise about topics relating to veganism. They spoke with such passion and genuine earnestness, I really enjoyed the conversation.

Areas I feel I can improve:


I have more podcasts over the weekend and next week so wish me luck!!!!

This week I’ve been working on a variety of blog posts and website copywriting: 

Plant Sumo Blog Post

I’ve worked on a blog post reviewing Wicked Kitchen.

I’ve worked on Internal Italy Client Blog Posts

And I’ve worked on Omnireach Copywriting

All of which hasn’t gone as quickly as I would like, however especially with the Plant Sumo work.

Visited the Plant Sumo Kitchen

This week I visited the plant Sumo Kitchen and did some vlogs there!! My observations:


Had a progress review- what now? 

I had a progress review with Dee and he has told me to focus more on Plant Sumo blog work. I am now the official content manager for Plant Sumo along with being the podcast host and will be focusing my attention more on this. 


He also said to me that working on my confidence and ability to give back critical feedback would be of benefit to me, so I am also doing that.


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