Hey everyone.

It’s been another particularly busy week since I’ve been doing other work outside of Pearl Lemon too. However, I’ve been generally productive and I really feel like I’m learning and developing each day.Mandy

This week I’ve been continuing my search for a suitable agency to build up a partnership with. I’ve also been diving into Google Analytics (I’ve been doing an audit for the Pearl Lemon sites). This is one of my first few times using Google Analytics and there is an unbelievable amount of data about a website that it records. For example, I can see the current number of users on the site and see which pages they are currently viewing. I can then pick out an individual user and see the country that they live in and the type of device that they are accessing the website with. There’s no identity attached to this information so I’m not spying on people, don’t worry haha.

I’ve also been doing some SWOT analysis on various SaaS tools that are in the market.  SaaS stands for Software as a Service and basically refers to software that is stored in the cloud and is sold by a subscription service. There are a couple of SaaS tools that Deepak is interested in developing and releasing. I might end up doing some work on one of them so watch this space!

I have definitely been able to acknowledge the importance of taking breaks this week. There’s been a few times where I’ve worked for long periods and I’ve tried to cram in too many tasks. I’m writing this right after taking a short walk to the beach and I can tell that I’m going to be more productive because of it. Another thing that I do in my breaks is to play the drums for a bit.

Here’s a pic of my current setup: ( I’m not using a couple of these drums at the moment)

Today after I finish my work I’ll be packing up my stuff to go and stay with my girlfriend for a couple of weeks (I haven’t seen her in the last few months because of lockdown!). She lives a short while away from me but luckily I can just take my laptop with me to continue working when I’m with her. Being able to be location independent is just one of the many benefits of working remotely.

See you next time.

– Sam


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