Weekly Partner Update 5- Lydia (Head of Internal Growth)

I want to start out this 5th post a little different than my normal. I am a “completionist”, I like doing things for reason or for achievements. Which has led me to an interesting path of accomplishments for a 23 year old, but what also ultimately brought me to Pearl Lemon.

To rattle off what I can remember:

  • Chapter President for two years in FFA (Future Farmers of America)
  • Within FFA I have achieved every status award going up to the American Degree (I did it in 2 years where most take up to 5)
  • I placed first of almost 400 in a floral competition (making 2 arrangements, a practical exam, and looking at 50 plant pictures and being able to write out common and scientific name without spelling error)
  • I placed 3rd in a Public Speaking competition
  • I placed 2nd at districts (hardest in the state) and 3rd at regionals for a Job Interview competition
  • Various other Awards, Pins, and Plaques through achievements and competitions in FFA
  • Treasurer my Senior Year of High School in National Art Honor Society
  • Various Academic Awards- Graduating with a 3.969 and 21st out of 387
  • Grand Champion in Beef Pairs (I did Showmanship in 4-H)
  • Various ribbons and awards through 4-H
  • First Place in Cake Decorating (again 4-H)
  • Certified Beer Server (through Cicerone, I still study and take tests to gain more certifications and status through Cicerone)
  • Certified Labor and Postpartum Doula
  • Certified Dog Groomer
  • Certified Florist
  • Trophies from Karate
  • Trophies from Bowman’s League (archery)
  • Servsafe, TIPs, and Food Handler certified
  • My variety of ribbons and medals for my 5Ks

All of these circle-back to Pearl Lemon though because if I don’t feel like there is a point of achievement or pride in what I do, I simply won’t do it. Even the simplicity of a participation medal for a race. So the ultimate goal of wanting to be officially full-time at the end of a partnership creates a large internal fire for me.

I found Pearl Lemon over AngelList, the creation of the profile was a requirement as a partner at Braathe Enterprises. When I found the company page and position listings it hit a trigger point beyond my need to be remote….it allowed for a certain bragging point.

I am second born…of seven…. My eldest sister is currently 25 (2 years older than me) and the twins are the youngest about to turn 11 ( 12.5 years younger than me). There is a high degree of competition for attention and bragging rights. My older sister is working on her Master’s, I am following next and my next youngest sister will be doing the same.

I brag about what I do and who I do it for a lot. I am the black-sheep hippy child in the family, so being able to say I do something so drastically different than the rest of the family is a huge pride spot for me. This makes it very easy for me to file Pearl Lemon as an achievement for me. Which is also why I love it beyond continual learning.

Buuuttt….now to rein it back in to more of a weekly update and a look into this week as a Partner.

This week has felt…okay… back to balancing school time, work time, and finding precious free time to do de-stressing activities. Pearl Lemon items include:

  • Starting a Partnership manual- getting to phase 1 of 4 in the edits and content (it is currently about 12 pages of content excluding the cover and table of contents)
  • Another GSC report Friday- the structure got a revamp, so it takes about 30-45 minutes longer to complete all of them now.
  • Continuing the 52k project tasks
  • Removing some plug-ins from WordPress
  • Research on removing some other items from the site and passing it back due to my lack in technical/code skill
  • Adjusting a hiring form for cold callers
  • Working on a quantitative and qualitative marketing sheet with Sam
  • Helping guide Sam through some marketing items and sharing research sheets with him to help him down the line.
  • Building plans/pitches
  • Contacting Investor Relations companies (booking calls for this upcoming week or sending an email as none actually answered the phone)
  • Developing a brand building plan (phase 1 of probably 2) for 1 More Rep with Sam

Today will be a busier Sunday, but it is welcomed:

  • I have this blog post
  • Send out a hiring form to applicants
  • Adjust the 52K series more
  • Reach out with my “help me” list on Trello
  • Finish the Quant Based Marketing sheet
  • Send Dee some case study updates
  • Upload some items to SoundCloud
  • And try to fill in some information in a G-Doc about our financial info

If I have time for more, I will do more. But given yesterday I spent a lot of time on only two tasks, although those were well done, I like being able to clear out lists. So, 8 items to knock out in under 7 hours feels very doable and a mid-day break to take my little out in the snow again.

Rocking about 30 hour class weeks. So, I have to be mindful of my time everywhere else to avoid burnout. Prior to today my tracked hours for PL land at 33 hours, so 7 puts me at 40 for the week, but my weeks tend to never fall below 35.

That is all on today’s note. More next Sunday. 🙂

Written by Lydia

Lydia- Pearl Lemon's Head of Internal Growth

Partner at Pearl Lemon since May 2019. Based in Muskegon, Michigan.

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