Happy November! This week has been a whirlwind. Started out horribly as my house has no hot water or heat. Horrible timing too with London going back on Lockdown. To be honest, this lockdown is a joke though, it’s not even a proper one. Still, with the temperature dropping and no heat, it’s been a struggle. 

Workwise, I started off my week with various content writing assignments, catching up with various clients and posts to write. I finally figured out how to work Icy Leads too which was good news as it took forever beforehand, woohoo! The blog posts that I wrote ages back finally got a final edit, and I’m excited for them to get published as it’s my first time writing these posts and content writing in general. I will be advertising them everywhere for people to know and hey, it’ll help with brand awareness for the company too! Win-win! 

On Tuesday after work for a day of executing my various tasks, I decided to stay up for the US election. Thinking it would end at 1 am EST, 5 AM BST, I thought to myself, I got this, I can stay up. Literally no point in doing it. They announced at 5 am it’ll take days for a result to be announced. I was mad I stayed up so late just to hear that. Watching the results come out over the hours was a stressful time alright. There was so much red on the map versus blue. Luckily on Wednesday as I tracked the map throughout the day states were flipping and turning blue thankfully. The hot water came back briefly but by the time I got home on Wednesday evening, there was none. I was absolutely raging. Still no heat either. We kept pestering the agent, but it’s up to the landlord to make the executive decision and who knows how long that’ll take. 

As London is going back into “lockdown” my one flatmate went home for a few weeks. Don’t blame her either. If no work might as well take some time to go home and visit the family briefly. If I could do that I would, but the U.S is a bit farther than Italy and if I were to return I don’t think I’d be returning to London, so I have to stay here and stick it out! 

Thursday was eh for me workwise. I wasn’t super motivated so my productivity level was low. Additionally, I was reassigned many tasks so it was a whirlwind, trying to figure out what I am now doing and how to prioritise it. There are a few projects that I am leaving/ending which I am sad about as I have enjoyed them and working with the clients but it’s time to move on and continue learning and growing. 

Finally, the technician showed up and dropped off space heaters for us which made all the difference. Two of my flatmates and I have been working in the living room during the day with the heaters and escaping to the bedrooms with them at night so we don’t freeze as the temperature drops.

Not only are we struggling with no heat and no water but the wifi has been absolute shit. I keep going on and off hotspots which is frustrating. To be fair the wifi has always been shit but it’s been worse this week than usual. Have to get to the bottom of it or it’ll become an issue with this remote work. 

On Friday it was a busy day for work. Finally got the hang of Ulinc and lead generation. After pestering Skylar and Anthony non-stop during the week with questions, I’ve managed to understand the basics of it. I thank them greatly for putting up with my idiocy, I hope they don’t think I’m as much of an idiot as I’m portraying myself currently lolol. The team meeting was fun as usual but we had maintenance here fixing a bunch of things falling apart in the task so I was 25% present, oops! We finally got hot water back, but when we will get the heat fixed no one knows! 

Saturday I did a little work, hopping to some writing tasks for clients, keeping them informed of everything going on. The weather was gorgeous so I took a walk to Primrose Hill with my flatmates to take advantage of the sun and warmth before it got cold and gloomy permanently. It was so crowded we were like lockdown who? We don’t know her. Spent about an hour there before coming back to settle in the living room with the space heaters and work. Struggled with work as my productivity level was quite low too. Working on the weekend is definitely something I’m not used to unless it’s in retail. I try not to work on the weekends much if anything, but today I felt I should have as I missed out on Wednesday. 

As 2020 has been quite a shit year with constant bad news we finally received some good news, Joe Biden has been elected as the 46th president of the United States with Kamala Harris as vice! It’s like a breath of fresh air honestly. Makes me not as scared to return to the U.S honestly, haha. During these last few days, it’s been in the hands of a few states including mine, PA, with the numbers of the ballots in the hands of Philly (represent!) basically. Glad to see PA pull through and change to a blue state though. Okay, I’m done talking politics haha but fingers crossed next week is better for me with work and productivity!

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