Hey guys, I’m back with another bi-weekly post – I figured this would be alot easier as I’ve been busy with alot of tasks so might as well mention it in a double week post. 

So, for the past two weeks, I’ve made progress on SerpWizz, Daylee, and the Partnership Blog. For SerpWizz, I’ve finalised and completed the landing page design and it’s up live now on https://serpwizz.com/. I had a lot of fun working on this project as I got to work with Kaushal, Ben (who left us as of this week unfortunately :(, and Lydia). They were all super helpful in ensuring we get SerpWizz up and ready for action as soon as possible – and I wouldn’t have gotten it so easily done without their help.

As for Daylee, this was a project I’ve been working on in my 7 day trial, and it felt refreshing to be able to get back into it and make a complete redesign of the wireframes that I’ve made. 

I’d like to thank the team for giving me feedback as usual on the frames I’ve done, especially Deepak giving us a 5 min tutorial on making small write ups/strong call to actions. He mentioned that hero titles typically need to state a problem and explain how it can be solved, in pretty much 8 words or less. Can’t wait to see the progress on Daylee in the near future!

For the partnership blog, I’ve created some filters that will allow users to filter specific posts depending on job roles – for example, if users wish to view the posts from Designers, simply clicking the button on the side bar will filter posts made by myself and Kaushal. A handy implementation that the team will begin using.

Other than those 3 projects, I’ve worked on some tasks such as video thumbnails and working with HappyScribe like I mentioned the other week for Deepak’s courses. These typically take alot of time and are more long-term, however I’ve managed to finish the latter after a week and I’m proud of the final result. I’ve also worked along side Paula with some SEO tasks such as creating FAQs for ResumeCats.

Hopefully we’ll see some progress with these new SaaS tools. I’ll be expecting some more work given to me soon 🙂

See you all later!