Hello everybody,

I hope you are all well.

It’s Saturday morning 1st August 2020. I cannot believe it’s already the beginning of a new month. Here in the North of Italy, it’s above 30 degrees today – I cannot imagine how hot it must be in the South now!

This week passed faster than expected and at work, things were easier than expected!

I started the week in the best way ever: I was at the beach!

After spending the whole weekend in Tuscany, I managed to sunbathe and have one last swim on Monday morning, before my almost 5-hours train ride back home.

Here’s a picture of a nice sunset at Viareggio’s port.

During those days, I even worked at the beach. These are the perks of working remotely and with flexible hours: you can do it everywhere and at any time! I honestly would have not worked at all, but some deadlines had me working a tiny bit.

During the train ride, I had no internet connection because we were going through many tunnels and therefore I couldn’t really work. That’s the reason why I was expecting tough days once back home to compensate for what I couldn’t conclude on Monday. Luckily, I managed things pretty well and got done at least the most important tasks.

Here’s a summary of my tasks this week and connected challenges I dealt with:

This part included some research tasks and overcoming small challenges related to the hiring platforms where I publish job ads.

I think this is all for this week’s update. Overall, I learnt a bit every day but I feel like I could do more and better. I’m looking forward to improving in the next few weeks!

I’ll talk to you in my next post.