Hello everyone! Welcome to another week of my weekly blog posts, thank you for being here and I hope that you enjoy this post.


This week has been incredibly busy, next level busy. I managed to complete my twenty hours of work by Friday morning, which is quite a lot taking into account that I had more tasks to complete. I hope that this gives you an idea of how busy I am at the moment. 


One of the reasons why is that we have officially launched Plant Sumo! We are finally taking orders and cooking up the food for other people to try. Which is insane to me. I am not sure if you have read my last blog post but if you haven’t, I mentioned that we started working on this crazy adventure by the end of August when Deepak and Salim had this idea while eating in Macdonalds. Therefore this must give you an idea of how crazy things have been. Between doing the Instagram posts, reaching out to new people, researching on new places we could sell out product and also using new tools. One thing that I learnt this week is that I need to ask more for help and to check up on people more often. Firstly, as I mentioned before I had to use a new tool, when I first used it I spent around 2h on doing a search for it to just delete itself because I hadn’t used the tool properly. The second time I used it, it took me half of the time and when I mentioned this to Deepak he told me that if I had asked before he could have just made a quick loom showing me how to do it. Therefore, if I had not been stubborn, I wouldn’t have wasted those two hours. On the other hand, for these past two weeks, Daniel has been working with me to control the social media side of Plant Sumo. I was told on Friday’s meeting that he wasn’t really happy because he didn’t learn much. This made me realise that I hadn’t even realised that because I wasn’t really checking on him or giving him any tasks that he could have enjoyed more. After I found out about this I apologised and from now on if I have some working with me I will be checking on them continuously and try to give them better tasks. 


Besides this, something else that has happened this week is that now I’m part of the Pearl Lemon Academy team! I am really excited about this, as soon as Deepak started talking about this new project that we got I was thrilled to take part in it. Therefore, when Federica asked me if I wanted to help out in the team I couldn’t say anything other than yes. So this week I’ve been giving feedback on the slide deck that one of our new partners has been working on and getting familiarised with what everyone has been working on. We had a meeting on Friday with the whole team so that we could discuss with Sam ( who is advising us at the moment) on how things are going and what are the next steps we should be taking. The meeting went really well and now I have to start working on our competitor analysis and research on different prospects segments. 


On the other hand, while I was working on this I have been also working on Omnireach. We are close to the finishing touches of our tool. So, I need to get as many people interested to get the pre-sale of it. Also, I have been asked to do a competitor analysis. I haven’t had time this past week, but I have to work on it this week, I can’t delay it any further. Additionally, for ResumeCats I have been just giving feedback to Baris on the slide deck he has been working on. Also, the designer team is quite close to finishing up the website. Furthermore, I also worked on some tasks on the side that I need to finish up this week.

As you guys can see this week has been hectic, very hectic. I learnt from mistakes and I hope to never do a mistake like the one I did with Daniel again. I have to learn to manage my time better, and be more effective with my tasks. Let’s see how that goes this week ahead and I hope that I got better news next week. 


Thank you for reading me, have an amazing day and see you next week!😊