Week 6 has come and gone. It’s been a bit of a rough week but yay for Fridays! Now for my 5 weekly updates.  

  1. I finally got a new pair of sneakers to replace my half-burnt ones. As a bit of a backstory, they were just a little burnt on the bottom from putting my feet too close to a fire-pit. My new ones are the same model and color, the Hoka Arahi 4s in white. A classic clean look.  
  2. My room is done! Like actually done. The painting is done, my furniture is back, and my belongings are in place. I re-hung my artwork and organized my books. I have a desk to work at again. The only things I still want to get is a large indoor plant to put next to my mirror, but that can wait a little longer. 
  3. On Thursday, I went on a long bike ride with my friend Abby that exactly what I needed after a week of not feeling myself. For some reason this week has been mentally exhausting and not very productive. It was a little chilly out but this bike ride was a much-needed break from staring aimlessly at the computer. 
  4. All the leaves are falling!! It is finally fall in Virginia. Not gonna lie, it was very disappointing to return from Utah to green leaf-filled trees. But the current state is still an improvement from before I left. At least now the remaining leaves are in the process of changing and the ground is littered with fallen leaves.  
  5. We lit our first fire in the fireplace tonight and it was a nice reminder that colder weather is coming. While I’m not exactly a cold weather lover, I do appreciate the changing seasons and am definitely ready for some colder weather. Haha I will probably be taking back that statement 2 weeks from now. Just watch. 

Red leaf shoes camping

As I briefly mentioned, this week has been challenging for me because of personal fatigue and just an overall negative mindset. Sometimes it’s difficult balancing personal life and work and this week was definitely a reminder of how delicate that relationship can be.

I wouldn’t say “improving my mindset” is something I want to work on for next week because sometimes you just feel down. And I think it’s healthy to have those feelings. So instead, my aim for improvement is to give myself a more distinct separation between “me” time and work time.

A typical workday looks like me sitting on my couch, alternating between writing/working and browsing on my phone. A lot of the time I am more distracted than productive and I think this has been a contributor to feeling stressed out and not much like myself.

I know I have talked about this before, but I think the best way to improve this dynamic is to separate me from my phone and create designated time periods to connect with my friends or browse the web. 

Specifically, next week I plan to put my phone away after my morning workout until noonish when I walk my dog. 

Then take a break from work, get outside with Moose, listen to a podcast etc.

After I get back I will put my phone away again until 3:00ish when I break to eat and can text, browse, and listen to music. 

Fast forward to post food and I will take another phone-less block of work time for another hour or so. 

So there’s my plan, and hopefully writing it out so specifically will be beneficial. I should probably also write that with a pen and paper so it sticks even more. 

Anyways, this past week at Pearl Lemon I worked on guest posts, and blog posts for Resume Cats and Plant Sumo. 

Next week I may start writing a longer article to switch things up a bit. Talk to you later!