Hi everyone! Welcome back to another weekly partner blog, where I update you about how I’ve been getting on and how its been as head of content for Plant Sumo!! Woo new job title!! Also, I’ve been getting LinkedIn traction so that’s great.


I’ve done a lot of work this week writing copy for the entire Plant Sumo website, managing editing and giving feedback on the writing of other PS writers and writing up social media copy for our posts.


 But none of that has been the highlight of my week- its been pretty intense, what I have enjoyed the most is my podcasting as I feel like I’m finally coming into my own. So that’s what we’re going to discuss


My blog- my rules 😉 

Podcast With The Vegan Zombie


I had a podcast with Chris- The vegan Zombie!! A YouTuber with a huge platform about veganism.


 He was articulate, intelligent, thoughtful and really lovely, I especially enjoyed hearing about his journey as a shyer guy to becoming outspoken enough to host his channel and do podcasts like this with me.


 I felt like this one flowed really well and I feel so much more relaxed doing this now, which is nice. Also, his dogs were adorable and It was worth being up at 9 AM for even if I did come out with a stupid comment in the beginning. 

Podcast With Korin Sutton


This is probably one of the most intense interviews I’ve ever done. I didn’t expect to spend one of my afternoons being yelled at down skype about the horrors of warfare but here we are. Korin is a plant-based bodybuilder and former combat troop who will let you know. 


Kidding aside, I found Korin really interesting if I did find some of his stances on veganism (especially relating to labels) a bit militant and uncompromising. But hey- dude’s a veteran, so militancy should kinda be expected. 


He was also really nice about our brand afterwards on Instagram and said he would promote us lots, so despite the intensity, I am really happy I interviewed him. 

Interview With Melanie


Melanie!!! What a sweetheart, and so articulate and knowledgeable as well. Honestly think she should host this instead of me as she pointed out the positive features of PlantSumo better than I ever could.


 I found this a really interesting conversation, as well as I, genuinely am so uneducated about nutrition- I eat pretty healthily, most of my diet is vegetables and I only have meat only once or twice a week, but I had no idea the intricacies of our iron and Vitamin B needs. 


In conclusion- she’s a cool lady, and I’m excited to be working with her. 

Podcast With Noah


First of all- someone on the core team has now seen my forehead, and I feel high key exposed. Felt like I was oversharing. Felt like a cheerful egg the whole podcast.  Why then of all days did I have to have a horrible hair day?


Secondly- this podcast was longgggg. Like one hour 55 minutes long and we chatted for ages before and after. But it honestly didn’t feel like it. The mark of a good podcast!!!


Noah interviewed me for a meet the team style thing for the official Pearl Lemon Site and the conversation naturally veered off into Star Wars, Art, American versus British accents, all kinds of things. It was super interesting and he’s a really articulate and charismatic guy so naturally, he did fucking great. 


Low key sad and a bit jealous I am not as naturally funny? So will work on that. I aim to outshine his one-liners. Next time we have a team meeting I’m going to say that as my area of improvement rather than organisation to show I’m serious.

Wahad’s Youtube Watch History?

As a final note, I had a really good laugh today as I made the mistake of not logging out of the official plantsumo youtube account to watch videos. I realised this and was horrified as I watch the weirdest stuff, so I ran to delete it from the watch history. 


Then I realised- someone else had been doing the same thing as me without (I think) realising. Our youtube front page and watch history are full of a mix of roundtable discussions about if Liverpool is going to win the football league, one vid of Salt Bae cutting a massive pastrami sandwich and a lot of vids on Islam and how to spot Jinn.


Initially, I was so confused as I thought only Lydia handled the youtube account? So I had no idea who the hell was watching all this. But it occurred to me- it’s likely Wahad as he is to my knowledge the only Muslim on the team. Unless Lydia has made a major change in her religious affiliation and neglected to let me know. Just going in to edit videos and randomly seeing ‘SALT BAE MASSIVE PASTRAMI’ and ‘London Mufti discusses future of Islam’ with absolutely no context on the opening page made me laugh out of confusion.