Hi everyone- it’s Sam again.

I’m back at home in Cardiff now so I’ve settled back in.

It was a bit disappointing to come back home after a week and a half only for my cats to ignore me haha. Spending time with my girlfriend’s dog made me remember how much more affectionate dogs are when compared to cats. My girlfriend’s dog would get overly excited even when we came back from the shop!

Here’s a pic of my cat, Smudge:

This week I’ve done some collaborative work with Tenny who is also doing marketing work for Pearl Lemon. We got onto a video call together and worked on listing Pearl Lemon on business directories across the web. Remote work can often lose the element of working collaboratively so I think that working on tasks together is important.

I’ve been doing lots of assorted marketing tasks like testing the new Pearl Lemon homepage and finding a lifetime deal for a Trello alternative. I’ve also been looking at Google Analytics data for Pearl Lemon Leads. I’ve found that the bounce rate for the Pearl Lemon Leads site is much higher than the bounce rate for the main Pearl Lemon site. I’ve been trying to figure out why that could be and what we could do to reduce it.

We’ve had a few new partners join Pearl Lemon recently so it will be exciting to see what they can bring to the business. One of the new partners, Paula, has been brainstorming ideas of how we can best market Resumecats. In case you didn’t know, Resumecats is a new CV builder for designers. I’m going to be spending a few hours a week working on Resumecats too. Next week I’m going to be reading Paula’s brainstorming ideas in depth and seeing if there is anything that I can add or suggest that we change.

In the same way that we’ve been looking for PPC agencies to partner with, we’re now looking to partner with another SEO agency. If we have any leads that are interested in SEO but are looking for services below our minimum pricing, we could refer those people to another agency. I’ll be working on that next week and hopefully, I can find an agency that is a good fit for us!

Anyway, that’s all for now- I’m off to brew another cuppa.