This week has been super productive which was a nice surprise. I sat down on Monday ready to have a relaxed and chill week, slowly chugging through my work but instead Monday was quite productive. I got a lot of work done, working 6 hours but I didn’t mind it because it didn’t feel like it. 

With lockdown number 2 here and my gym has closed my flatmate and I have taken up at-home workouts. We just started on Monday but it’s been a fun time. Always nice to do with someone else too. We’re doing a two-week shred challenge so fingers crossed it actually does something! It’s been a solid start, the next question is, will I be able to keep it up lol I guess only time will tell! 

Spent the remainder of the week continuing working on lead generation and various content writing tasks for clients. This was my last week with one of my clients which was sad as I’ve enjoyed working with them, but the time was short and sweet and working with the company was quite nice. 

I hit a bit of a roadblock on Thursday trying to figure out how to link up some tools together we use for lead generation. After chasing a bunch of people and going through endless tutorials I finally found the solution to my problem. Took a lot longer than I wanted or expected but it felt good to finally get it done. 

Every other day went fine though. Remained quite productive and got a lot done. Every day was the same task though so I did get a bit bored just chugging along. Luckily it didn’t kill my productive vibes but it’s just like another day’s same task type situation but it’s alright, I am enjoying it for the most part at least. 

Friday my productivity burnt out though. I was going strong but it has come to an end. Friday has been quite slow with work. It’s alright, I deserve a work break and I’m proud of how much I got done this week. With the various clients I have and deadlines coming up though, I’m putting more time into the writing tasks, so I will probably spend some more time on Saturday working on it to keep the client’s happy. 

Hopefully next week I have just as a productive week as it felt good to be so proactive with work. I couldn’t stop snoozing every morning though lol so hopefully next week I break that habit. Lucky I’ve been starting work earlier but that snooze button is about to become the death of me. 

Didn’t intend on working on Saturday but I ended up doing some work. I decided why not, can’t hurt, plus I need to finish this content writing task for a client as soon as possible. Had a little flame of productivity in me when I woke up this morning (well more like afternoon but shhh), so I decided to knock some out. Got some other work done too, fortunately, and tonight some friends whom I live with are celebrating Diwali so I will be partaking in the festivities with them. Never celebrated it before so this should be a new fun experience. I am looking forward to it. Rest day tomorrow, and then back to chugging along with work on Sunday!