Hey Everyone!

Hope you all are good 🙂

This is Akhila – Marketing Executive at Pearl Lemon. It’s been 41 days since joining Pearl Lemon and This is my seventh blog which I’m writing, Generally, I am weak at writing Hahaha !!. But now I’m used to writing at least 300 words about my work week. Pearl Lemon is made me learn various things Including this 🙂

In India, One of the biggest and colorful festivals has been started here, So festive vibes all around here. But It’s been a little dull too due to the current Corona scenario people are not being that active to celebrate the festival, This has been a very saddest one.

Coming to my work, This week has been one of the busiest weeks, and Involved in the work and was more into learning things. This week most of the time I have got involved in HR training and performing HR tasks. Federica – HR Success Manager at Pearl Lemon has provided the materials for my training. I learned how would the Hiring process be at Pearl Lemon, Using Mailshake to set the campaigns and sending emails and Paperform for checking the applications. Thanks to Federica for making me learn all the above.

This is my Trello of this week, you could see most of the tasks working this week was on HR. This week I continued my routine tasks like extracting leads from the clutch and the job boards, Continued directory Listing of Pearl Lemon, Pearl Lemon Leads, Pearl Lemon Sales, Pearl Lemon Convert, and Pearl Lemon Invest. These are the various divisions of Pearl Lemon. Struggling to get live links, Hopefully, Sanket – Content Writer joined me in the directory listing task and I was continuing YouTube SEO for Deepak Shukla Channel, Every video which I watch before optimizing gives me energy and motivation. Do watch the videos I’m sure you will like It and Here is the link to the Deepak Shukla channel and I have been optimizing at least five videos per day and I’m doing It successfully.

This has been my week, Every day is a new learning experience, and It’s awesome and exciting to be a part of the Pearl Lemon Team. Thank you all for reading my blog and will get you back with my next blog post.

Take care All

Cya!!! Next week 🙂 🙂

-Akhila(Marketing Executive)