Hello everyone! Welcome to another weekly blog entry made by me, this blog entry will be a very positive one and I’m finally giving a few good news and a not so nice one as well. One of the first amazing news is that I finally found a schedule that works out for me and that makes me my most productive self! Something else is that I finally started reaching out to people on Instagram for Plant Sumo! And along with this, I have been ticking so many things off my Trello. So if you want to find out more about this, keep reading 💁

So as I said I finally found a routine that works for me. I realised that what would make me the most productive is to intercalate tasks. This means intercalating my university work with my Pearl Lemon work. Therefore, instead of dividing the day in two, or just doing one type of work for long hours and then the other, I am now doing one or two hours of each and then changing to the other one. I have realised that this makes me more productive because this way I am not getting tired by doing way too much work and my mind is always fresh as I am constantly changing tasks. I realised that by doing this I have been ticking off so many overdue tasks that I had and would never get done. Something else that I have added to my routine that has helped me with Instagram posting planning has been having a more regular posting planning, so right now I’m trying to post at around six pm every day. To achieve this I have been planning the posts two days ahead of them so that Rachael can have a break every so often on re-writing the captions. In addition to my routine change, now I am dividing my pearl lemon work into three different sections: first I read all my WhatsApp messages and emails, then I catch up with Omnireach messages and any admin quick tasks I would have to do in that day if it’s a Monday this could take up to an hour, every other day between half an hour and forty minutes. After this has been done I work on my hard tasks, such as research assignments, competitor analysis, prospect searches, etc. And in the final part of the day I post on Plant Sumo’s Instagram, reach out to people and plan-out posts for the few days ahead. All these parts are intercalated with university work making me rest from this and therefore taking shorter breaks. Thanks to this new routine I have been able to finish off two major tasks I had pending for a few weeks and worked on a few more that were added this week. Also, I was able to catch up with all the lectures I was behind in university. So if you are also a student, I would recommend this working schedule!

On the other hand, I also mentioned that I have been reaching out to people on Instagram. This week I started reaching out to nutritionists, personal trainers, coaches and health advisors, to ask them if they would be interested in finding out more about Plant Sumo. This campaign has actually gone really well, we have gotten a few leads and something really exciting happened because of it. One of the leads that I got works in a boxing studio and asked us if we could bring a few samples for one of their classes on Friday. We did, and it was such a success! Thanks to this we got a couple of new followers and a few mentions! This past week thanks to this campaign we have gained over twenty followers in a week! And we have been steadily gaining at least one follower every day, which is incredible. The sells on deliveroo are going really good as well, and right now we are just waiting for the website to be able to get subscriptions. Therefore, we are really happy with Plant Sumo’s outlook. On the other hand, the UK is about to start another national lockdown this upcoming week, for which I have got mixing feelings in relation to the business. It will help to attract more deliveroo clients as all restaurants will have to close down, leaving us to be one of the only options. However, as I said many restaurants are going to close down and try to sell takeaway in order to maintain the business, and this will just make more competition for Plant Sumo. Nonetheless, we won’t be able to know anything until it finally starts and then we will see how it works out for us. 

The picture below is from last Friday’s event, with the personal trainer handing out the samples!

Besides these two things and some competitor analyses and random tasks, it has been the usual with Omnireach, Pearl Lemon Academy and ResumeCats. Actually, for ResumeCats we are close to launching and the development team has been doing an incredible job applying all our feedback and fixing all the bugs that the tool previously had. 

So this is how my week went, finally a good one in terms of productivity and wins for the company, I can’t wait to see what next week comes with and that the start of another National Lockdown doesn’t affect as much as the one in March did.

See you next week and thank you for reading me!