Ahh, happy Sunday again. Another morning started with writing out this blog post with a coffee next to me, sitting at the table at my best friend’s apartment, while we figure out what I am going to make for dinner. Cause that is our thing, I steal her bed, so I make dinner, and she gets the benefit of me going through a few terms of culinary school.

On a non Pearl Lemon note, I finally upgraded my phone upgraded and got my computer upgraded too. Google Pixel 4 for my cell, I am loving it so far. Battery life on it isn’t amazing, but everything else is great. Computer wise, my Google Pixel Go will be here by the first week of February. Despite upgrading RAM on this computer, it is back to struggling to keep up. It also has a tendency to get HOT, like can’t touch it hot and due to the heat I noticed the keyboard is lifting up from the base.

This week at Pearl Lemon has been back to standard. It is nice having Sam there as support for my tasks and his own tasks. I can give the simple, quick things to him and it just gets done.He is similar to me in that respect and I am really happy with his work output and quality and tell him so.

I.e. I gave him a message to copy and paste to 20 agencies and then make it go to me so I could respond. It is not difficult, but it saves me a great deal of time.

Also this week:

Still to do today and this week:

Overall, this week feels like it has been productive and a good pace. I wrapped up module 3 at school, so I have a good rhythm set for everything. I should be on track to get all 7 portfolios made to try to sub out some classes with my experience at Pearl Lemon.

Partner life is still Partner life for me. I enjoy it, but I still can’t wait to be done with my secondary education, well at least my BBA (lol more angry calls and emails because I was told I have a $400+ bill but the student payment platform says I have a $0 balance) and then I can passively work on my MBA while being official full-time. This week I think, before today, I have gotten 32 hours in and by the end of today that is going to be between 37 and 40.  Which is not bad, pretty average for me. Although usually by Sunday morning I am usually at 34-35 hours clocked working.

I am a little over a week from wrapping up my next month mark with Pearl Lemon. Which means making an invoice and sending it via Transferwise instead of Paypal. I am still enjoying my experience, as much as if not more than, when I started back in May. I started May 8, so I think that counts as a full month, so about to start Month 10 finishing up Month 9. 🥂🥂🥂