I can’t believe it’s already week 7!! Time flies. It has been such an interesting and informative experience so far and so next week, for week 8 and a celebratory 2 months, I’ll dedicate my blog to discussing what I have learned so far, and what I hope to gain in the next 4 months. 

In usual Meghan fashion though, here’s my 5 updates of the week before I dive into Pearl Lemon updates. 

  1. Well, today was my last day nannying the kids down the street. Their parents decided to start them in a preschool program so my services are no longer needed. It came as sort of a surprise, unfortunately. I knew they were considering school but then yesterday I was told, “on Monday they’re gonna start school so tomorrow is your last day!” Not gonna lie, hanging out with 4-year-olds every morning has been very entertaining and as much of a learning experience as any other job has been. 
  2. I took Moose for a walk almost every day this week and it was very grounding. My favorite is walking him through the woods while I play a podcast as a break from work. I think next week I will largely depend on these walks as an excuse to leave the house as I won’t be getting out for babysitting. 
  3. Today my mom and I carved pumpkins for Halloween! In the picture below, mine is on the left. We got our carving pumpkins very last minute but thankfully we were able to find some fat ones, perfect for carving. 
  4. My dad and I had a chili off for Halloween, each making our own chili dishes in the slowcooker and then having my mom judge between them. Mine was definitely better, but my mom claims they were “too different to tell which was better”. That’s major bull. 
  5. I brought all my plants in from the deck this week for the winter. We are having our first frost of the season tonight (I think) so gotta make sure they survive the winter. 

Halloween dog in woods

This week at Pearl Lemon, I spent the majority of my time writing and editing posts. I also made a few loom tutorials on how to write guest posts that hopefully will be useful. 

After last week’s slow rhythm, I think this week was an overall improvement, although still not entirely up to speed. I hope to continue improving my work-life balance, as setting designated “social” times was definitely helpful but I didn’t always follow through with them.

I was most productive on days I was able to put down my phone for longer periods of time. Unfortunately, this wasn’t consistent throughout the entire week. 

Next week I want to keep pushing myself to put this into practice until it becomes a habit. Work-wise, I am about to learn how to upload my own blog posts. This will be useful in helping me start my own blog. I would also like to go back and watch some of the training looms I have missed. 

See you next week, for my first week of nanny-less days haha


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