Hi Everyone! Welcome back to another weekly partner blog. At the end of next week, I get my first paycheck, which is fab. 


Here are the highlights of my week: 

Podcast With The Nomadic Vegan


This week I had a podcast with Wendy Werneth!! A polyglot and vegan traveller who has been to over 116 countries!! This podcast flowed really well and it was lovely chatting to her as she seemed an incredibly sweet person.


We talked about her journeys abroad, in particular how she first went vegan while on holiday in Greece and found more plant-based options than she would’ve thought possible, which is really interesting. 


This is primarily due to the influence of the greek orthodox church, with its prohibitions on eating certain animals while fasting. Which has made me consider all the religious influences worldwide which could lead to plant-based food being localised but not thought of as a ‘vegan’ option. 


All in all, Wendy was a fantastic guest, and It’s nice this week I’m having podcasts exclusively with women who are influential in the world of veganism, especially since the vast majority of vegans are women. 


Unfortunately, Bettina Campolucci who I was supposed to interview Wednesday morning had to cancel due to an urgent family emergency (she had to fly all the way home to Belgium) which is extremely saddening to hear.


 But we will reschedule for later this month so I will still get to interview her. 


Podcast With Meg

So Today I had a podcast with Meg, the poor London vegan who runs @poorlondonvegan on Instagram! It went pretty well, she was super bubbly and enthusiastic and it was nice to speak to someone my own age. So far everyone I have interviewed has been older than me, so there’s a certain dynamic to that that can feel a bit more formal especially in an interview setting. 


This podcast with Meg felt extremely relaxed and I thought overall it was a real success. Excited for my next one, and as a heads up after ten episodes this whole thing is coming to a close. 

Doing Plant Sumo Website Copy 


This week I’ve been working intensely on getting all the website copy for Plant Sumo done, which means rewriting the entire homepage, the about us page and bios for all the team members. 


Very stressful and took up a lot of my time, but I’m super happy to have it all done. Now Deepak wants next week for me to do the copy for ANOTHER website, the new Plant Sumo nutritionist directory. With a directory, I have no clue of where to start. 

Kinda want to die but hey! With that attitude, I will never survive this capitalist hellscape, so I press on. 


Also Ive been working with Isabela (pictured above) on social media posting, but now Daniel has been trained to manage this so I have less of a workload. I honestly miss doing it a bit? Isabele is funny and its the kind of thing where it easy to pump out a lot of posts. 

Blog Posts And Guest Posts 


This week I have also been working hard on Plant Sumo blog posts and guest posts for the main Pearl lemon content calendar.


The Plant Sumo blog posts have been going great- Harry and Megan have been contributing a lot of high-quality stuff and I’ve managed to do my bit as well. We’ve got a nice process of giving feedback on each other’s work that I really appreciate as grammar is not exactly my strongest suit. 


 I haven’t done guest posts in a while so I had initially forgotten how to do them, but they are so simple and short getting them out and sent feels like a real accomplishment without taking up your entire day.


 The posts I’ve done recently have been on Disneyland resales and coloured diamond jewellery, and honestly not to be completely materialistic but after this, I would really love a Cognac diamond. Found them to be incredibly beautiful and stylish. A girl can dream. 


Also- Deepak has invited everyone living in London out to lunch and has offered to pay. I’m excited to meet all the new partners who have joined the team like Harry, Rajiv and yanie, they all seem really nice. Also, I’m never going to turn down a free lunch, that’s a staple of being a student.