Hi All! Yet another busy week (if you’re reading these back to back, this must be tiring to read, haha)!

This last week (two) has probably been one of the most productive and hectic throughout my time here at Pearl Lemon.

With Dee on vacation last week and a couple new clients coming on board all at once, I’ve left the “getting my feet wet” stage behind and have instead thrust myself full force into the pool of CRM, Linkedin lead gen for multiple clients, and trying to organize new people to assist.

We now have four clients using our Linkedin services, which means that in addition to the internal campaigns, we are dealing with eight campaigns at once. Although this is fabulous for the business, it was quite overwhelming in the beginning which led to Phillip and I partnering with Sam, Ben, and Federica to provide some support. This has been a great help in time management and keeping everything under control.

One of our Linkedin profiles optimized for a new campaign!

Dee has also been helping me figure out how to completely set up the back end of a Linkedin campaign, as well as allowing me to basically lead a couple client campaigns. I feel that I have grown exponentially in these last few weeks, even compared with the already substantial growth of the last few months.

This week, I’ve also been making it a priority to set up Content Studio and Podawaa for all the campaigns, this will hopefully drive more connections and engagement which can lead to more actual bookings and conversions! It’s all a roadmap to success, haha.

Additionally, I’ve been trying to step up a bit more and provide some assistance to other people who are stepping into the lead generation space. Whether this be recording Looms, hopping on a call, or just chatting a bit over WhatsApp, it’s been really nice to be able to share the little bit of knowledge that I have been able to gather.

Looms for help I’ve made for the new Linkedin lead gen team!

To wrap up the week, we had our weekly meeting and I had a monthly review with Dee. He was able to say a lot of positive things, which gave me encouragement. Aside from that, he was able to give me a few pointers about how I can improve in my role and what might be possible in the future. Very excited to keep learning and growing in my professional journey!

On a side note, we have been growing ghost peppers in my yard, and they’re finally getting ready to harvest! Ready for some SPICE!

Ghost peppers!