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Hope you all are doing good ūüôā

This is Akhila Marketing Executive at Pearl Lemon, I am back with my weekly Partner blog post to share my week with you guys. This has been by eight weeks at Pearl Lemon. I am very involved in the Partnership and learned many new things.

I would like to share the most embarrassing thing that happened this week. One of my friends pranked me this week called me twice as an anonymous person and I was being fooled but found him :D, to the third time I got a call from the Amazon delivery person and I was in a state that It was my friend pranking again on me In the furious state have shooted words on him. But, Oh! God, It was the Amazon delivery person who called me waiting for me to collect the order and I finally went to collect my order and his expression was like what the hell girl!  Hahaha! I will never forget this Instant. So, all better know about the person and then you can shoot your words. Hahaha!!!

Coming to my work week, This week can be counted as one of the learning/training weeks. I was carrying on my HR training and stated hiring the candidates, sending emails, and managing them on their trial week, onboarding of new Partners Federica – HR Success Manager was helping me in this. My day starts with checking the mails, applications, and messages of applicants. I was usually continuing the directory listing task registering the Pearl Lemon and Its divisions, I aimed for optimizing at least five videos per day.

I am extracting leads using the clutch and job boards. There is a new Partner on trial in marketing, I have actually assigned the tasks for her too and I have been a part of the research this week about a few job descriptions, posted the job ads, and Carried out various admin tasks too. I have learned a new thing about domain rating and how to know the domain rating for a particular domain. I have been suggested to use ahrefs to find the domain rating. It is very clear.

So, This about all my week with new learnings and can be one of the busy weeks. Thanks all for reading my blog post, will get back to you all next week! Have a great weekend!


-Akhila(Marketing Executive)

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