Hello Everyone, here I am with another blog entry, I hope that you are all okay and that welcome to another week of my life in Pearl Lemon🍋.

It has been already almost two months since I started this partnership. This is quite a weird feeling because it feels as if I have been here for like ages. I don’t know how I feel about this past week, everything has been so weird. In the UK we have gone back to another National Lockdown. This time I decided to stay in my university apartment given that I do pay for really expensive rent. Also, I have got a lot of work to do and whenever I am back at home I’m just extremely demotivated to do anything. Therefore, I just made the decision to stay. The only issue would be that I live by myself, well “issue”, don’t get me wrong, I love living by myself. I am a really good company. Nonetheless, sometimes it gets a bit too much. Since I live by myself I get to see my two best friends from university, as we have become our own bubble, but still, I barely see them twice a week. Even though it’s hard, it makes me realise how lucky I have been throughout the two lockdowns we have been through. During the first one, I got to go home and spent so much time with my family. We didn’t get affected by the Pandemic our selves, but it was hard seeing all my friends having someone in their family going through Covid. And now, well I am living in a nice house, comfortably, working and studying, something that a lot of people cannot really do. So, yeah just counting on my blessings during this time. I hope that all of you are being safe at the moment. If anyone in your family is going through the virus or has gone through it, I hope that you are handling it well and even though these are hard times, we will all get through it and hopefully better days will come after this. Today there were news about a new vaccine, so let’s see if it actually works out 🙌.

Besides that reflection that was totally uncalled for, I have been dealing with a lot of work for Pearl Lemon, and there is some interesting news. I have now been moved out of social media management for Plant Sumo. As you might know from reading my past posts, I was actually enjoying it a lot, but we finally got someone more qualified and that could be able to accomplish way more things than what I could have done. I was quite inexperienced, and to be honest, I am quite proud of all the work I did. I know that it might have not been perfect, and I had a few mistakes, but taking into account that I was thrown under the bus for that one, I loved it. I loved the experience and now I hope the best for the new social media manager. 

Since I am not doing social media management you might be wondering, so what are you doing now? Well, ResumeCats is back into my priorities, I’m going to be the content creator for our youtube channel. I will also be focusing on lead generation. I’ll be reaching out to people for Plant Sumo, from linkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. And today I started working on a client’s lead-generation campaign. I’m actually really excited, as I’m going to be doing new things but also things that I’m kind of familiar with. I don’t know if you have realised this, but I’ve been doing something different every month, so let’s see what happens in December 🙆.

Again, thank you for reading this, thank you for reading through my Pearl Lemon adventure. I’m sorry if today’s post wasn’t as chirpy as it might usually be, but you know we are all going through quite hard times. And as I said before, we will get through this together.

See you all next week,

Isabela 💖