Weekly Partner Update 8 – Kaushal (Designer)

Hello Everyone πŸ‘‹

It’s me again after a few weeks! πŸ˜€

I have completed my 8 months with Pearl Lemon and still, it’s counting and enjoying working with PL day by day!

It’s been a very crazy few weeks and so many things get done.πŸ€ͺ

As I am working on the Omnireach’s Dashboard and it’s done and underdevelopment and everyone are so happy with the design.

Have a look at it: http://design.omnireach.io/

Also, I started working on a completely new website on Shopify (which is so new to me, as I never created any store before on Shopify from scratch) and it goes well (still need to make many changes to it! 😡 #designer_life).

Tied and tested so many different logos for it but lastly, everyone stick with this one:

Check out the website: http://plantsumo.com/

Look at the featured image πŸ‘†πŸΌ, It’s one of the dishes from the Plant Sumo!

I have takeover the SERPWizz’s website (as my co-designer left due to some issues!) and updated FAQs on it and also created a couple of new pages on it:

About Us and Contact Us

Also, I am working on quite a long term task which is redesigning all Pearl Lemon’s websites and from the last few weeks I am redesigning our main website and got many pages done as well but due to some other deadlines have to stop working on it and have to finish other tasks but now I gave a deadline to it by myself is the next weekend.

I am also handling a couple of new designers and giving and managing tasks to them.

Now, Let’s see the tasks lined up for me:

  • Set up and design Plant Sumo up and running
  • Set up the directory listing websites for the businesses and wellness/health experts
  • Add more content to new website Pearl Lemon Academy (will get content within 2-3 weeks)
  • Rebuild one of the client’s website
  • Redesign Peal Lemon Group’s websites (PL and PLG)
  • Redesign Deepak’s website

Now let’s see how it goes for this upcoming weeks!

Written by Kaushal

This is Kaushal again from the Pearl Lemon. If you don’t remember then I am a Head of Design at Pearl Lemon and handling all the design related tasks.

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