Weekly Partner Update 8- Lydia (Head of Internal Growth)

Wow post eight already, which means I  have been in the routine of writing out partner updates for two months at this point. It feels nice to have a weekly writing to do, this blog post task is similar to my billing task and my google search console task. It is one of a few things that are routine and gives a little predictability…and something that has become reflexive, so I can work while I am still waking up and drinking my coffee.

Today has three main goals:

  • Write out this blog post
  • Work on a sheet meant for making training items with Sam
  • Work on a giant mind map for each branch of Pearl Lemon to establish the team structure

Secondary Goals:

  • Ongoing directory submissions for Dr.Hidden
  • Double check Scott’s profiles
  • Work on PR outreach
  • And anything else that may be handed over to me

I have begun to have a mental shift and aligning my thoughts with my written planner, so Day 1 is marked on Sunday. Sunday makes a good day that has no class work, so makes me feel accomplished having a first day of the work week only be work items.

While I am writing this I am in a fued with customer support for my cell phone. I followed a promotion and after following it with all their contingencies, I got sent a bill of $150 in pure fees associated with the upgrade. So between chat exchanges I am writing this out. Definitely not happy about that; feels like faulty advertisement and business practice.

Also on this happy Sunday, I am deep into my productivity playlist on YouTube. Somehow, at the ripe age of 23, I managed to stay awake til 5am and am on 3 hours of sleep, so I am pumping in the coffee and need the music to have any sort of repellent against scattered squirrel brain.

I feel like my weeks are growing more productive, or maybe it is my continual tech upgrades. I have to say, this Pixelbook is the nicest laptop like device I have ever owned. I have had Microsoft Surfaces and different models of HPs and this is by far the best.

This week:

  • I started piecing together some items for content
  • I am working on a mind map of the entire brand’s team
  • I sent out contacts to lead gen agencies and mailing agencies
  • I optimised my Facebook and Linkedin profiles to match Pearl Lemon
  • I wrote some recommendations for team members per request (Dee, Ellen, and Sam)
  • I made a couple email signatures for Sam to upload in their places (it is quick, but I did his so it is good practice to have)
  • I helped polish up some email content for PR outreach
  • I filled a few interview style forms for Dee (I enjoy the PA type tasks being they are quick and I feel like I got alot done when I get handed a batch of quick win items)
  • Half work related I got my Pixelbook calibrated to PL with extensions and logins for my emails
  • I copied the NDA and angled it for staff, which should probably be distributed soonish (make copies and have everyone sign their own and keep them on file for Dee)
  • I interviewed/contacted over 50 applicants for a Youtube/Podcast host…half waste of time given most exchanged messages then didn’t make an introduction as requested…it is what it is though
  • Paperform got organised a bit
  • Some forms were made in Paperform
  • 52K is still getting continual updates
  • Did a brand wide video/content audit
  • And being it is February 2nd, yesterday got the Stripe to Freeagent billing/invoices knocked out
  • And as always there is more that gets taken care of before it hits Trello so I often forget about them fast.

All in all, as always, partner life is partner life and I love it. I consider myself grateful to be able to do something I truly enjoy and work under someone that is actually appreciative. It is more than my work-acholic tendencies, Pearl Lemon provides a mental escape even though I work daily. Non stop and exponential learning is hard to turn down. I’ve hit the point where if I feel bored, I weasle back to the computer to work, even if I am “on break”. I consider myself lucky to have made it through the gauntlet and am still a part of the team as I have watched other people come and go through the team for various reasons, whether that being their own choice or otherwise.

I know I have passed that 750 word goal at this point, so I should probably wrap this up and make this post all pretty to get on the platform and get on with my day. So per usual, more next Sunday with “What in the World is Partner Lydia Doing”.

Written by Lydia

Lydia- Pearl Lemon's Head of Internal Growth

Partner at Pearl Lemon since May 2019. Based in Muskegon, Michigan.

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