Weekly Partner Update 8 – Paula (Marketing Executive)

Hello everyone!👋🏻

Greeting you from Poland this week🇵🇱 I have flown home to visit my family and friends on Wednesday and while I’m enjoying my time here, I am also staying productive! Kind of hard to focus with my dog demanding attention from me 24/7 but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Here she is on the day I arrived!

This week I have worked on a couple of major tasks that occupied the majority of my time:

  • I was asked by Deepak to start working on a new media mentions project alongside Sarah, Rachael, and Heather! If I am being honest, I am running completely behind on it as new stuff keeps coming up all the time. I did have a call with the girls though just to touch base and clarify what our approach will be;
  • I wrote parts of the Partner FAQ that relate to my specific role as a marketing executive here to give other folks a better idea of what they can expect from the partnership programme;
  • I caught up on everything going on with ResumeCats – had a call with the design and development team, where I found out that the MVP should be ready for next week! This was super exciting news and I’m happy to hear we should finally be able to implement more marketing strategies. So far this week, I have organised getting some trustpilot reviews and set up a paypal for our business;
  • I worked with Monica on the social media strategy for Plant Sumo – I provided some critical feedback, helped with access to our social accounts, and provided some extra ideas we could utilise in our approach. I also set up contentstudio for all our accounts;
  • I have also talked with Tannishtha about the social media strategy for Pearl Lemon – we have decided it needs a major revamp and have come up with ideas for some potential posts. We will be working with Kaushal and Sahil on creating some creative and engaging designs for our posts. Let’s see how that all goes – it should turn into a major, time-consuming project😅;
  • For this reason, I might slowly move away from managing ResumeCats and will try to focus more on Pearl Lemon socials. Therefore, I have helped with onboarding and training Isabela, who will work on video editing for Plant Sumo and some marketing tasks for ResumeCats with me – I will gladly accept all the help I can get;
  • I had a call with Lydia just to catch up and get to know each other better, which I really enjoyed. I’ve said this a thousand times before but the team here is absolutely fantastic, so it’s always nice to chat with any of them😛;
  • Attended the team meeting, where Rachael and Noah were absolutely lovely hosts! We wrapped up the meeting relatively quickly but I definitely got some golden nuggets of advice from this week’s icebreaker;
  • I also listened to the new Plant Sumo podcast and I can’t praise Noah and Rachael enough! It was really a podcast I would listen to even outside of work and I genuinely laughed out loud while listening, which is a rare occurrence for me;
  • Lastly, I re-filmed my introductory video for Plant Sumo after getting some feedback on it from Dee – it really turned out much better and neutral than the previous one so I’m very happy about the result!

Outside of the specific tasks I’ve worked on, I got a lot of very good feedback from people – especially Rachael and Federica. I always save or screenshot messages like this and whenever I am having a day, when my self-doubt gets stronger, I listen to them again to remind myself that I am doing a good job and my motivation comes back again!

Furthermore, after discussing it with Federica and Deepak, I added a “Product Manager” title to my job role. I feel like it more accurately describes what I do at Pearl Lemon, in addition to the purely marketing aspect of it. I feel like this is something that might help me later down the line as well since this is a career path I might want to pursue.

Next week, I am planning to work from coffee shops or libraries while I am in my home city  (starting from tomorrow after I drop my sister off at school) to increase my productivity and have evenings off at the same time. I am flying back to London on Thursday evening and then it’s back to normal until the start of the academic year, more or less😁

I hope you all are staying safe and I’ll see you guys in a week!💞



Written by Paula

Paula - Pearl Lemon's Marketing Executive

Intern at Pearl Lemon since July 2020. Currently residing in London.

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