Hello everyone!👋🏻

Greeting you from Poland this week🇵🇱 I have flown home to visit my family and friends on Wednesday and while I’m enjoying my time here, I am also staying productive! Kind of hard to focus with my dog demanding attention from me 24/7 but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Here she is on the day I arrived!

This week I have worked on a couple of major tasks that occupied the majority of my time:

Outside of the specific tasks I’ve worked on, I got a lot of very good feedback from people – especially Rachael and Federica. I always save or screenshot messages like this and whenever I am having a day, when my self-doubt gets stronger, I listen to them again to remind myself that I am doing a good job and my motivation comes back again!

Furthermore, after discussing it with Federica and Deepak, I added a “Product Manager” title to my job role. I feel like it more accurately describes what I do at Pearl Lemon, in addition to the purely marketing aspect of it. I feel like this is something that might help me later down the line as well since this is a career path I might want to pursue.

Next week, I am planning to work from coffee shops or libraries while I am in my home city  (starting from tomorrow after I drop my sister off at school) to increase my productivity and have evenings off at the same time. I am flying back to London on Thursday evening and then it’s back to normal until the start of the academic year, more or less😁

I hope you all are staying safe and I’ll see you guys in a week!💞



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