Hi Everyone!! ūüėĬ†


Welcome back to another partner blog, by yours truly- Rachael Brown. This week I haven’t done a large amount of work due to health and family issues, so this will be a shorter entry than my other posts. 


Dee and Federica were very understanding about the whole situation and gave me some time off, so I have mostly been doing tasks here and there. 


Due to these issues I’ve been struggling with my sleep so working has become difficult. Over the weekend I imagine I will be doing tasks here and there similarly.


 Next week I will be completely back on the horse. But here still are the highlights of my week and what I got up to, not all are work-related:



I have this week focused more on my quora, specifically trying to answer questions that interest me. I did a review of Blade Runner 2049, a review of Tenet (trash fire of a movie) and an answer about the Iraq war which has garnered a decent amount of attention. 


I particularly enjoyed writing a review of Tenet as I had gone into the cinema with such high hopes only to end up feeling confused and baffled by the entire thing. It was comforting to know other people felt the same way. 


Writing about the Iraq war was truly interesting as naturally, it‚Äôs such a controversial topic you attract a wide range of political opinion. It irritates me to no end when people engage in ‚Äėwhattaboutism‚Äô about Hussein‚Äôs regime, as If that means we shouldn‚Äôt hold other state entities accountable for their crimes.¬†


Some people seem to severely lack empathy and want to live in the kind of bombastic fantasies about their own morality state propaganda constructs. Maybe that‚Äôs why we are currently living in what scholars call a ‚Äėpost-truth‚Äô era?¬†

PS Blog And Guest Posting 

This week I have managed to get several guest posts and Plant Sumo blog posts done. Megan and Harry have been absolutely killing it as content writers, I feel guilty about being away for a bit but everyone deals with periods like this. 


My favourite article I wrote this week was on making a vegan oreo cheesecake, which sounds truly delicious and like something I would like to make myself. 


I was motivated to write this particular article due to a skype call I recently had with my nan where she showed me some of the stuff she had recently baked. 

Getting Back Into Art 


I’ve been struggling a lot recently due to many things with stress, so I thought I would get back into art as its always being deeply therapeutic for me. I popped on the tube over to the nearest London Art shop and bought myself a sketchbook and some lead pencils. I typically enjoy creating detailed line drawings, often of nature, animals or weird surrealist designs that come into my head. 


I enjoy capturing the intricacy of textures and structures through art, though architectural work is ironically not my strongest point.


 When I was back at university I used to go down near the river weir with my housemate who also paints and we would spend hours working together. Especially during exam season, this helped me relax and stay focused a lot. 


There are no images here of my art yet as I’m still working on most of it, but I will upload some when it’s ready!!