Hey all!

Back again with another Partner update – it’s the start of my 14th week with Pearl Lemon! Time is really flying by so quickly.

The last week was actually the first time that I’ve taken a few days off since I first started here. Usually, I’ll work 5-7 days a week at Pearl Lemon and hop between a couple other partnerships and school work at the same time. As summer is coming to an end, I thought I better make the most of it and go on an adventure! But more on that later – first let’s chat a bit about what I did get done.

As you will know by now if you’ve been following these blogs, I’m very involved with the Linkedin lead generation at Pearl Lemon. Over time, my involvement in this area has only increased and I am now running quite a few campaigns – both internally and externally.

To sum this up, I (Along with Sam!) am running two internal campaigns for Pearl Lemon Invest/Kemistri and Pearl Lemon Leads. Additionally, I am running 2+ external client campaigns: Sure Oak, another SEO company, and Working Den, a company that specializes in software for remote workers.  I feel that working with these client campaigns has really given me a full look at what it takes to succeed and produce a happy customer.

New PaperForm for some new clients, Working Den!

So, these campaigns were mostly set up last week, however I did have to make quite a few edits in order to secure a greater chance of success. This was triggered by an unhappy message from one of the clients who was concerned that his Linkedin campaign would not yield good results. To remedy this, I went in and edited quite a bit of the messaging, as well as the back end of the campaign like Zapier connections, PaperForm, and Mail Shake settings. Working through that was one of my first looks at true customer relationship management and I felt that I was able to deal with it well and reassure the client that Pearl Lemon, and myself, are on top of the problems.

I finished off the week before my time off with getting another video course up and running, a task that did take quite some time, but that I wanted to complete before I left. The video course  content task is moving along well, although not quite as fast as before due to everyone taking on more and more additional responsibilities.

Check out some of our courses at https://courses.deepakshukla.com/courses!

So, as I mentioned, I was only at work for 2 days and returned today! I went to a famous lake a few hours from where I live for my 4th anniversary trip (COVID safe!) and to get a bit of relaxation in. Although it ended up raining a bit, we had a great time getting away and not focusing on work for a bit. We made candles, hung out with friends, ate good food, and took a boat ride around the lake. Honestly, I can’t wait for the next trip we get to take and am already starting to plan! My nature is definitely to overwork myself, so I have been trying to learn the value of taking time to relax and make memories!

Me on the boat around the lake waiting to take off lol

Until next time! 🙂