Hi there, it’s me again!

Week 8 was a bit of a slow and relatively unproductive one, unfortunately (swear it’s the weather) but here is a quick rundown of everything I did:

The first few days of the week were spent on fixing issues with a client content I wrote a while back. I think the most tricky part of being a content writer is being able to hit the target word count without overdosing on caffeine. It is crazy to me that I have successfully written over 2000 words on a business that provides likes and views on YouTube and around 1000 words on photo frames and gifts. Unbelievable.

The first few days also taught me a bit of client management, and it was… an experience. While clients can sometimes be tough to deal with, it’s a respite knowing that the team is going to be on your side regardless!

The next couple of days were interesting as I was given a new task- revamp the social media accounts of Pearl Lemon with a close co-worker and friend Paula. Paula, the marketing executive for Resume Cats and I have never worked closely together before, but I already know it’s going to be great. We both just click and have so much fun together!

I had four scheduled meetings- one with Paula to discuss the social media strategy- a 45-minute call where we discussed our ideas and brainstormed, a casual catch up with Lydia, the weekly team meeting and the highlight of my week- the meeting with Chris, the writing coach.

The meeting with Chris was about establishing myself as a writer on Quora, and especially Medium. He spilt some incredibly awesome secrets about Medium and no sooner did I get off the call, than I started preparing a draft on a topic of my choice.

I sent my article to him over the weekend, and his feedback made my day! He left super inspiring comments and asked me to send it to a very popular publication (which I got accepted to as a writer earlier today at the beginning of week 9! Yay!) I am due to find out if I made it through their rigorous selection process to be on their publication, but Chris and I have our fingers crossed!

Finally, this week’s meeting was lead by Rachael and Noah, and we followed the same drill of discussing everything we did and achieved and one thing we could improve on.

Overall, an average week because I have definitely been far more productive. Onto the next week, which is going to be full of energy and getting lots of stuff done! Let’s GO!