This is my weekly update describing the working days at Pearl Lemon between Monday 17th and Thursday 20th August. During those four days, I worked really hard to get a lot of things done before taking one week off. My main priorities were tasks involving external people. In particular, these were:

·          Potential and current leads for Kemistri Italy

·          Candidates applying to vacant positions


Here are a few details.


Starting from my lead generation role, I carried on the conversations with people I first contacted via LinkedIn.

My first messages aim to understand if people could be interested in services provided by Kemistri. In case you didn’t know, Kemistri is an investment-led software technology company. In short, we support traders during their transactions thanks to Forex & Equities algorithms. I only target Italian speaking people who have experience in sectors such as Finance, Forex, stock markets and similar. Once they reply to me, I face two possible scenarios:

·          a rejection from them

·          a request for more information

In the first case, I’d thank them for their time and encourage them to contact us again if they ever change their mind. In the second case, I’d provide them with a short explanation of what we do and share a few links and resources to check. The ultimate goal is to get leads on a call with our Italian Marketing Director who would describe our services more in detail.


While I work on this, I am usually supported by two Google Sheets with fundamental data:

·          A standard response sheet: I’ve been building it since I first started messaging potential leads and it helps me be quicker and more precise when I need to give information.

·          A client data storage: this is automatically compiled as soon as I connect with someone on LinkedIn. I use it to differentiate cold, warm and hot leads with colour codes as well as with a few notes or screenshots of relevant conversations.


What I’ve just described above is what I do on a daily basis. FYI, this is the strategy I’m using now but because my role is very new, things changed a few times as I experimented what worked best for me.


In addition, this week I implemented a new task to my usual strategy. This involved two email campaigns:

·          One campaign is sent to all people explicitly requesting more information via email. These emails are necessarily longer than the messages I would send via LinkedIn as usually, I address people who don’t have much time or are hesitant to go on a call.

·          The other email campaign is sent to those who never replied – or stopped replying – on LinkedIn. We understand some people may miss messages on that platform and/or prefer communication via email. That’s why I would give it another chance and see if I can find more leads for Kemistri.


Overall, I believe having the possibility to use both LinkedIn and emails to communicate will be fruitful – even though August is an unfortunate month to talk about business with Italians because most people are on holiday and would rather discuss more in September.


I will let you know how it goes in the next few weeks!


In the meantime, do not hesitate to check out our Kemistri website!

Here’s one page of it:



Moving to my HR Manager role, I posted two new job ads for:

·          A web app designer

·          Content writers (we’re probably hiring more than one person)


Since I had my holidays already planned, I knew I was going to take care of the biggest part of this job once back at work. That’s why I made sure to have at least the job ads out there which will give candidates the time to apply.


Besides this, I finalized some projects and shared them with the management team (Deepak and Lydia) asking for feedback. These were:

·          A course called “Pearl Lemon partner’s Toolkit”: this contains all important rules and resources that all partners need to know once they join our team.

·          A form called “partner of the month award”: we decided to try this sort of competition among partners with the aim of boosting motivation and recognising people’s effort. At the end of each month, partners will grade the person who they think showed more passion, commitment, dedication, proactiveness, contribution to team meetings and had the best energy to work with.

·          A word count tracker system for content writers who need to track how many words they write for each blog post with the objective of 10k words per week.


I hope these documents will be useful and appreciated by my colleagues – I can’t wait to receive feedback and share these with them!


These four days were pretty busy and I had more tasks to take care of but they’re not as relevant as the above.


I will update you on my next blog post after my holidays!




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