Happy Sunday to all those reading this blog post, or happy day depending on when you stumble across this. I am typing to wake up, but am going to see if I can get in a productive 7 hours today, so we will see how that goes.

I am powering through whatever illness I was gifted from my sister, she is an RN, so she is usually bringing around “fun” things. Day two of whatever this, voice is slowly draining out, sore joints, and my throat feels like the desert.

Non work wise it has been another productive class week, four of my seven portfolios have been turned in, so fingers crossed I can sub them all out. Yesterday (2/8) we also had a family day/morning and ended up at Build a Bear before heading home. Lesson learned, of course my 1.5 year old loves his ratty Big Bird and wants nothing to do with the $45 bear. I guess it is mine now, Todd even picked out a scented heart and outfit. He mostly just likes the birth certificate (Its name is Peanut) that came with it….and the bag it came home in. Adventures in parenting I suppose.

Maintaining good grades too, proud of myself for that. Not that I usually don’t, but between me and Todd keep getting sick and other nonsense I will sometimes let school slip. Lowest grade is 93% right now and I have three weeks left until the first half of the term before classes reload for the second eight weeks.

My Pearl Lemon work this week I feel was productive:

This list feels very short, but I also know there are a lot of items that were done as they were handed to me. My fever brain can’t recall them, but despite illness this week and family time I was still able to get in 35 hours this week. So a little shorter than normal, but not by far.

I like keeping my hours at full time capacity. It’s that little window of feeling like a real adult, but it is nice having the ability to have down days if I need them. Really aiming on today not being a down and out day though.

Today I have queued up a decent list:

I am confident I will be able to get through these though. Todd is doing his thing and wants to play without me, so I can dive into cyber life and get as much as possible done. My 7 hours of active work may end up spread over 10 hours though in terms of speed. It is not yet 10:30 and the fever brain is already setting back in and I am a little spacey. This will just call for a little more coffee or dark tea in a little bit….even though I am not supposed to have any caffeine. Or maybe I will swallow my pride and take a nap during my usual break I reserve for cleaning and laundry.

I do however need to wrap this post up, I can tell it is taking longer than normal to type out. Gotta love powering through brain fog. Desperately hoping this fever won’t last a week like it did for everyone else in the house. For now, I will push through the task list with horror films (right now I have a Friday the 13th marathon going)  running in the background. Signing off for now with more updates for next Sunday.