Hi Everybody!!! Welcome back to another weekly partner update. This week has been a busy one and I’ve been working on a number of different jobs. 


Not as much time for Quora this week unfortunately, but I feel I have accomplished a lot. On top of that I have spent a lot of time on uni work and going out with my friends (socially distancing of course, celebrating a very belated halloween) so it’s been a pretty successful one for me. 


As always….here are my highlights!!


  1. Writing Copy For the Plant Sumo Wellness Website 

The biggest challenge of this week has been writing the copy for the Plant Sumo Wellness website, I have so far drafted the landing page, about us page and sign up page. I’m pretty much waiting on kaushal to have established the design so I can fill in the content blanks.


Plant Sumo Wellness is an online directory for health and wellness Deepak wants to set up under the Plant Sumo umbrella. So its a service which will not only stand on its own but also give Plant Sumo backlinks. 


Learning about all the different kinds of health and wellness professionals available is fascinating. I have always wanted to visit a chiropractor as I have struggled over the years with bouts of insomnia and back strain. Reading more about their services and the complexity of the neural spinal system only strengthens my desire to book an appointment.


Hey, who knows- I could be one of the site’s first clients. 

  1. Writing Guest And Client Posts 


Another week of working on guest and client posts where I can, something I need to focus on more next week. 


I have especially been focusing on boosting up the word count of client posts, like the one pictured above. 


Having never tried pilates learning about it while writing is something I significantly enjoyed. 

  1. Secured three final Podcast Spots 

Yes…you heard right. FINAL podcast spots.


That’s me, vibing having done the first one (also seemingly brandishing my mic like a weapon) with the vegan voyagers, who were my first guests. 


Sadly at 10 episodes it feels like my podcast has covered all it truly needs too. I have three exciting guests lined up to finish off the podcast and have significantly enjoyed doing everything. 


Giving up my Mic and Webcam is going to be hard (and likely something I will not do lol, I will forage for the necessary money somehow) 

  1. Wrote Social Media Copy And Did GMB Posting

This week I am back again writing social media copy, and now surprisingly doing Google my Business posting. 


Our process works like this: Isabelle plans the content with images, graphics you name it and an outline of the content writing she wants and then….I write it. It’s as you can imagine deeply mentally and emotionally taxing. 


When it comes to GMB posting I was just sort of thrown into the deep end, told to get on and post, but I appreciate a challenge. 


So far I have just been highlighting individual dishes to try to pique people’s interests so then I can make a big post when we have established our box subscription plans on what we offer. If people are already hooked on the look of the food surely they will give a box a try, right? 


Furthermore, I want to make a post on deliveroo when we have already got a decent amount of orders as if too many people suddenly give us a try. It might be a struggle with our numbers getting everything going.