Hi there!

Week 9 was actually a very light weekend for me work-wise, but there’s a very good reason for that!

Earlier this week, I had an emergency dental extraction making it really hard for me to talk as my mouth doubled its size. The pain was mainly from the stitches and I had to take a dozen painkillers twice a day, which made me super sleepy, but grind don’t stop!

I tried my best to work through the week (because I wanted to) especially since Dee shifted me to a new role- taking the lead for launch Serpwizz, our new SaaS tool for website auditing! As fun and different it is, I didn’t know much about Serpwizz at all and had to study lots of material to catch up- Ben, who was Serpwizz’s Executive Marketer made really helpful Looms and organised his work on spreadsheets which made it super easy for me to follow and catch up!

Since I have never worked on a launch plan before, Dee asked me to work with Paula on this and refer to the Resume cats launch plan for a better understanding of the same. I received it later in the week so I didn’t want to waste time, so I went ahead and made a Growth Hack spreadsheet for Serpwizz, which wasn’t my best work.

You see, SEO is a very new topic to me, and conventional marketing strategies don’t work well with every sector, just like my recommendations. SEO is a particular niche of targeted audience and they cannot be reached through standard strategies or traditional platforms on the internet. A significant amount of research goes into it- such as the platforms dedicated to SEO communities, affiliate and start up sites, etc., platforms which are dedicated to your target audience.

At first, as one would imagine, I was very lost. However, after I read Paula’s plan, I realised the research that was expected of me, more importantly I realised the specific areas I needed to educate myself about before writing a launch plan. After months of writing about SEO as a content writer it is really different actually to practice it, a good difference!

This week I finally dumped all my ideas onto a spreadsheet for Pearl Lemon social media strategy was Paula loved (since I am working on her with this as well) Still awaiting feedback from other members on the team but I am cautiously optimistic!

Because of my ill-health, I couldn’t attend the team meeting, but I am sure it was fun and everyone had a solid and productive week!

On to Week 10!