Hello all,


This is Harry and this is my first Placement update after the trial week and my first ‘proper’ week as part of the team!


I’ve been getting used to working fully remotely since coming from my most recent job (all the way away in Australia) which was most definitely hands-on, so it’s a bit of a change to be glued to a screen. Although, with the English weather the way it is this late int he year, I can’t say I’d want to be outside either.


My first week has been (again) a bit of a baptism of fire (never a bad thing). I spent quite a lot of time on admin with my new Pearl Lemon g-suite: adding all the contacts, introducing myself, watching lots of YT videos and Looms to familiarise myself with best practice policies surrounding e.g. tone and look of company email communications.

^The only time I’ll ever see my beard that neat and joined up will be in my company caricature!


It’s been fantastic to see the progress around me, and in the group Whatsapp, or people who have been with PL longer than me – a big win was Noah getting a backlink from Hubspot I think? It definitely feels like there’s a good team spirit to motivate people to not only do better but to share their successes when they happen.


I’ve also been learning and adding to/creating some sheets with competitors links, broken links etc. to hopefully attack next week as part of the ongoing PR outreach. I was also introduced to two clients: Astteria (a diamond jeweller) and Dr Watson CBD (a CBD supplier) which was pretty cool – very varied markets, people running them, and spheres of influence. I hope that I can get to grips with creating some good content for them.


Content writing has taken a bit of a back seat whilst I get a handle on PR-centric tasks like hitting HARO (Help A Reporter Out) query targets for each brand. Hopefully, that is something I can incorporate as I get more efficient with HARO in the near future. I did, however, manage to finish off a ‘Vegan Sandwich Ideas’ blog post for the team at Plant Sumo, which was a lot of fun.


At the tail end of last week, I jumped on a video call with everyone (I think we numbered 28!) which was pretty cool to see so many different people with varied skillsets from all over the world – this whole remote thing really has revolutionized my concept of what a business looks like internally.


Everything seems like it’s going well, everyone is helpful and friendly, and I hope that next week (hitting the ground running on a Monday this time) I’ll be able to give it all my best shot and come out the other side of a full week with some quantifiable results.


Until then.