Hi again,


Welcome to my weekly Placement update – a thrilling read! So, I’m at the tail-end of week two now, just writing my Placement blog before hopefully finishing up my round-ups for the week.

This will include my last couple of HARO pitches – mainly for Astteria Diamonds and Dr Watson CBD who I’ve continued working on. I’ve also managed to work in a couple of HARO pitches for Deepak/Pearl Lemon throughout the week which is good – I think I’m becoming more receptive to seeing ‘who’ I can answer pitches as and skimming through the lists for potential.


I’ve continued building (and I think completed) the backlink profiles for both companies and tidied them up on a spreadsheet. I’ve been working through them but it’s definitely something I need to spend a bit more time on.


I went back on myself a bit and added a few more parameters to my searches so that I hopefully have a more workable spreadsheet. I was finding trouble, for example, getting too many backlinks from foreign-language sites which would be too hard to get in contact with.

Also, there were a fair few deadlinks (404s) but Dee showed us a video about how to leverage this – maybe something to look at next week if we get the go-ahead.


I’ve also been doing a couple of guest posts (Astteria, LaDolce Studio etc.) and ‘mid-weight’ pieces (Plant Sumo) which I like to keep up with. I’ve gotten into a better habit of helping to proof and edit other writers docs as well as the turnaround rate (especially at Plant Sumo) seems to be really good.


I definitely think I’m moving a bit slower on the outreach than e.g. Deepak (though, obviously that’s a high bar to set) but I think this is also due to the nature of e-commerce sites I’m looking into – quite hard to contact people about getting listed/writing content when their content is old, news-based, or specific to a competitor (Leibish Diamonds).


I’ve also found a bit of traction on Quora which has become a teensy bit more addictive and hopefully that gives me ‘good cred’ when I’m linking back to PL. Just off to finish up my weekly tasks and leaves some reviews for Pearl Lemon now. 


Catch you next week!