Welcome back one and all to my weekly Partner update.


To get straight into it – as I write this I know that I’ll be going on to help upload some of the Placement blogs to our WordPress. Hopefully, after our team meeting today, I will not only round up my own posts but everyone else’s and we can try to get back up to speed with posting. 


Apparently, we’ve fallen behind a bit (no surprise as Lydia has a million and one slightly more pressing things on her plate, so I’m keen to make a dent in the workload).


My week, unintentionally, has been a bit fragmented once again with a couple of days where I’ve only be able to do a little bit of work in the evenings (mainly just keeping up with admin). 


Not the biggest fan of this as by that time my productivity is pretty low and I’m more readily reaching for a cold beer than for my laptop and calendar. Hey-ho, next week as I foresee I shouldn’t have anything to disrupt my workdays.


As for my week in work – no Plant Sumo content as we wait on new content ideas 🙁 I’ve been keeping up with some guest posts, however, and trying to be a bit more active with helping to edit and proof/suggest for other team members so that we can all bring our work up to standard. 


Everyone’s doing really well which is nice to see and it’s usually just minor things like American vs. English ‘English’ which is bound to be a problem working from different countries. 


Some people are always pretty much bang on the money (like Heather and recently Pearl who has joined us from the states!)


I definitely think I’ll have to review some of my processes and work to keep up to the high bar set!


I’ve been keeping on with HAROs and backlink profiles and it’s nice to see some more responses (and even ‘my’ first mention, I think, coming through). It was also a real boost today to see the live links of some of the posts I’ve been working on over October. 


It’s a real incentive considering that we’re now including our author bios in all posts to get credit for and build a portfolio (even if some of the sites just brush over that and claim the article as their own – hey-ho).


Got some good info (from a bad situation) about how to make articles more SEO friendly and one of the more recent 1.5k posts I did I was very proud of for adhering to that extra detail (including Alt-text for my images and more engaging visual media as well as a variety of headings that reflected high volume searches). 

Harry's gravitar


Hopefully, I’m en route to getting the knack for some of this stuff!


The weekend doesn’t look like it’ll spell much on the ‘personal’ side of life with it raining on and off all the time and more and more people getting locked down (even some of my friends are now having to isolate from just being out and about).


Just about to go away and record a Loom for a bit of help from a new team member with some ‘research’ into competitor backlinks for Astteria/Dr Watson – I think I’ve finally conceded that I might need some help with a couple thousand more links to be qualified and contacted. 


That’s the good thing, however, that there always seems to be a ready set of hands on deck – I hope I’ve paid it forward.


After that, I’ll maybe try and finish up a content calendar for PL properties for a content drive Dee (rightly so) wants to do and then maybe even crack on with a post for it. After that, it’s the team meeting, round-up for the week and maybe off to the pub. Until next week. 

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