Hi all!


It could be a short weekly update this week guys – I’ve got a heap of stuff going on in my ‘non-Pearl Lemon’ life which has sort of taken over this week.


Other than that, I had my 2-month review call with Deepak yesterday. Another positive review but with definite areas for improvement. I definitely need to pull my bootstraps up by:



Hopefully, we can get to month 3 and our tasks for improvement won’t have been things that I could’ve solved within the month!

The best cybersecurity analysts should play the part of detective | CSO Online

At least this has given me some useful guidance for continuing to help and support other people in the team, continue my own work, and not feel so ‘lost at sea’ by creating and defining my own ‘bucket’ of tasks.


I’ve been grappling with these broken link building sheets on and off all week with the help of another partner and I think I’m either going to have to:



I keep getting hung up on what seems like a minor formatting problem in Excel. Although, as well all know Excel’s formatting problems are far from minor most of the time. I’ll try and pass this on to something today for one last crack.


Moving forward with PR I’ll be trying to focus on much more traditional acquisition methods which has enthused me to have my own little project. Plus, as Deepak mentioned, it should tee me up for my January 10k guide on my experience. 


I can’t wait to write up my ‘How I Failed At PR And Got Banned From Ever Contacting The Daily Mirror’ post! 😁

On a level-headed note, I did manage to produce another PR-related 10k guide this month which I found was a lot more focused, less daunting, and quicker to produce. Keen to see both of my 10ks go live now.


We’ve also been branching out and creating Medium and Hackergrowth profiles to try and build ourselves as individual brands (people) within Pearl Lemon. I think this is something I could definitely have a bit of a deeper think about to get my head out of the sand.


Sadly, that’s all she wrote this week as I’ve got a few balls in the air at the moment.


Hopefully, next week will be closer to normal again – until then!

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