Hey Guys!

This is Akhila – I’m the Research Analyst at Pearl Lemon. This is my 21st week and I’m back here to share my experience about this week. This week has been pretty busy to me with various tasks and also few additional tasks. I’m more focusing on the client project which must be completed by the end of the week but It extended Lol :p

This week I went to barbeque nation to have my favorite stuff. It is distinctively attractive as compared with other dining options due to its DIY and cooked-at-the-table nature and the flexibility and fun of mixing and matching a wide variety of meats, vegetables, sauces, and condiments to create dishes according to each diner’s individual tastes and preferences. Lovee It :):):)

As I was working on different tasks and needed to organize them. Our new research analyst named On and the virtual assistant is helping me out in a few tasks like data extraction for one of the Internal lead generation campaigns and also in a few of the other small tasks. 


So, this week I was working upon

-Facebook Backlinks

-YouTube SEO, Optimizing the videos, scheduling the videos on YouTube channels 

-Daily process tasks(Operations) 

– Working on an Etsy client project, new listings, fixing the picture edits and updating them which is a bit of pain but I’m enjoying it

– I made several looms on tasks for team members working with me

– Figuring out the process for posting Deepak’s short videos in his social media 

– Talked with Lokesh on few tasks, launched Internal Lead Generation campaign with his help, sharing tasks 


So, above were a few of the tasks I’m working on specifically and which are very helpful and knowledgeable. It’s all about my week and I will get back to you next week.Thank you all for reading my blog.


-Akhila(Research Analyst)