Well… I effectively missed numerous blog posts, so I am going to see how much I can get into one post to brief over three weeks’ worth of work.

Backdating as far as I can recall, a huge issue with hormone brain, my Trello has ended up far backed up. We have had a pretty steady influx of new trial people come through each week, so my typical duties have been put slightly on the back burner.

I spent a lot of time working on bulking out some client pages and our own FAQs. It helps build up the total word count and allows for some target keywords to be hit by bots. And that…is never a bad thing.

I also had the pleasure of spending a three-day stint working on just SERPWizz items with Ben. It was a nice refresh having a team member for a project rather than going solo. We ended up knocking out most of the list or at least doing what we could with an item before handing it over to the development team.

Recently I had individual calls with all team members to go over if any extra support is needed. I do need to make it a better habit to do that more as a core member of the team. The time zone gap makes it difficult at times, but I was able to manage to get through all members in two days.

We also had a brief meeting with a writing coach. I am interested in what that will produce. I sent over pieces I had written for Pearl Lemon along with our other brands and info on other items as well. I always seek to improve and although Udemy offers great insights and lessons, having a profession review my work I think will be that much better.

Spread over the last few weeks I also had the chance to review and audit all of our sites and tools as other team members work on them. I think the longer I have been with the company and team, the more I enjoy those tasks. The experience under my belt now makes it so I know exactly what to look for. When I started I was far too wary about not wanting to offend someone and their work even if there were critical errors.

I was also glad I had the ability to hand tasks off through the week. I tend to be a “task hoarder” being that if I see everyone at capacity 10, I won’t hand anything I have out, then leading to what happened these last few weeks with simply having so much on my plate I had a week’s worth of items on hold.

This week has also been a withdrawal stage. I can easily drink over a liter of coffee a day and I have cut back down to about a 10 ounce cup. Caffeine withdrawals are a struggle yet. The headaches and head fog bring me down but the upcurve is finally coming.

School resumes in 3 days…and that I am very excited for. My class variety this term should remain entertaining. I have sales, management, marketing, and business statistics and finance based classes. Thank you grants and scholarships because 5 used, rented books cost $710 this term.

I am glad to see the light at the end of the tunnel, finally have that first degree, end an partnership and come on full time. That and it also means getting paid my worth, not fighting tooth and nail for minimum wage. I do not miss working retail for peanuts for rude people.

This weekend will be a wrap up on tasks I can knock out besides ongoing tasks. Ongoing is now editing existing blogs and doing Upwork outreach. Granted, lately, my VPN tool does not want to run on Linux.

Getting through this post I have also realized how much I can’t remember well. I will be glad when the brain fog is over. I feel rather unproductive as a result. I HAVE to listen to things 2-3 times and watch it twice for sure to absorb it. This leads to way too much time processing rather than executing.

All of this has taught me that I very much need my condensed schedule. With class starting 6-12 is class and 1230-8 is Pearl Lemon. I don’t work straight through it, but still, allow breaks. This forced schedule makes it so I focus more. Having to do 5-6 hours of work in 7.5 hours rather than 5-6 over 16 makes me a lot more work-focused. Having too much time to do work makes me get lazy or slip into frequent breaks.

But, that is all for now in this post. I should hunt down a picture of sorts and get this ready to post out.