Hello everyone, I’m back again and very excited to share my experiences at Pearl Lemon. Today 08th January 2020, I’ve been a part of Pearl Lemon for 37 weeks. 

Since my last update blog, my use of ICY Leads has increased like a lot, Haha Marketing Automation is pretty nifty it makes the processes very easy with a personal touch of course- there are many things that can be done using automation tools in marketing from collecting data, launching campaigns to airing blogs, interesting rite? 

There’s still a lot to be learnt about Marketing, I feel it’s endless I learn a new thing or a different iteration of doing the same thing (enhanced versions) almost every day and I’ve started using Twitter badly now, I’m following some Marketing Geeks over there and they tweet good tips, tricks and suggestions, one of the guys I like on Twitter is @nevmed he’s a copywriting expert and he tweets many things about marketing also.

I’ve been working all these 2 weeks on auto mode mostly, either it is Mailshake, Zapier, Icy leads, Sales Navigator or Paperforms most of my work zoop zoop..lol

Although people say automation makes things faster, there are a couple of caveats, with the sheer rise in the scale of automation the chances of diluting the campaign quality is also high, so we at Pearl Lemon run manual checks on the automated data and tasks also.

Lemme do a recap of tasks I worked in the past few weeks,

  1. Digital PR is going pretty well i.e.getting people featured on our interviews and other roundups, we‘ve (Heather, Jeff & I) started implementing the process on our other brands at work
  2. Link building via images and other new innovative methods Deepak throws at me, we’ve been increasing the link building capabilities super fast now
  3. Also started working on a couple of client project on the Digital PR and Lead Generation side who started last week with us

On other news, I’ve started to workout i.e, getting some physical fitness rather couch-ing, not super great stats but hoping to move ahead and see what I’ll do by next weekṣ

Well, that’s it for this week. Catch you next Friday, until then stay safe and will keep posting further updates (TJ at Pearl Lemon)


— TJ