Ha ha,

Made it to being able to knock out this post on a Sunday rather than it being pushed out day after day.

This week has been interesting and a decent change of pace. As I have been a bit slow personally, Dee has been a great push at improving small talk and social skills this week to be more client-facing.

This means a day and a half of my week was all team calls. It was nice to be able to have one-on-one calls with individual team members as when I first started this did not really happen. Before establishing the programme, people would last a few days or maybe a week or so and then realize that the position was not a good fit. Now with the programme we are able to have a trial week to test out their pace and see if they are a good fit or not.

I also am back to starting to be more involved in client projects. This means I can get back to learning different skill sets. Specifically going more in depth with Youtube and Yelp.

For Youtube as I progress in what I learn I will be able to also finally begin to build out a Youtube SEO training. The analytics side of the platform is both interesting and frustrating to learn. Frustrating because you can have a handful of suspicions on why things happen, but there is no definite.

Outside of meetings, this week I have had another heavy admin style week and client project focused. This weekend I have been working at cleaning out my heavier task load, so I can get to working on being able to write some content. I have two writing projects to get going on that have simply been on the back burner for a while.

With class being in its third week and my significant other working third shift, my own patterns are changing. I have been getting late evening bursts of energy. This means all my repetitive tasks get funneled to the evening and more in depth tasks that need focus have to wait until evening. This also comes with being tired most of the afternoons, so I simply redirect energy.

Aside from work, life goes on. Weather is dropping in temperature and the fall rains are here a bit early. The temperature went from being in the 80s to down in the 60s, the cool air is nice though, I am more than happy to have layers of sweaters and sweat pants.

This also means crockpot, soup, and baking season is also here. Last night, double batches of banana bread being made at 730 at night.

This is all for now though, time to wrap up and continue forward with the day ūüôā

Until next week.