Another double blog post getting written. Granted I am on day 7 of the flu, so a lot got missed this past week.

Last post I had just started getting into Yelp and Youtube. This has started to take more of a foothold.

Yelp is an odd ad platform in my opinion. I think it would be nice for users to be able to see more data than they can without having to request it. As an offset, it is pretty easy to adjust and update when needed though.

Youtube is a fun adventure so far. I finally was able to take the time to sit and build the SEO course and make the videos for it as well. I do want to hunt down more tools to test out to see which is the most accurate, but with current hectic energy, it is nice to be able to sit and learn something.

The last few weeks have been heavy in admin style tasks rather than new tasks that take a while to knock out…I don’t mind though, it is refreshing to be able and sit and spend a hour or so on one task before moving on and knowing that it is done and knocked out.

I am headed into week 6 of classes. The first class set is moving along pretty quickly and my scores are staying fairly high. Senior year is definitely a bit more intense than I expected it to be.

Within the last week or so I am also in the process of getting us approved for the Google Partner Program. I have done the test twice and for some reason it is not showing as a connected user to our ad account. I tried again on Friday, so tonight I will double-check again.

The frustration there is mostly given the test took close to an hour to complete each time.

Alot of time has been spent towards Plant Sumo as well. I have been working on getting all the videos set up and optimised and scheduled out. Timestamps take the longest, but we are all set with videos through mid October.

Aside this not much feels like it has been done. The flu knocked me down and out pretty well, so I can guarantee I was slow af through any work task.

Time to wrap this up though and finish out the night…and to make note to do a weekly update next week and not forget again.