The last two weeks have gone by much faster than I initially thought.

They have been repetitive, but in a way that makes the days pass fast.

I have been working on revamping blog content across Pearl Lemon and have been working on SEO points for the Pearl Lemon Official channel. Between these two items, they take about a third of my day, and close to another third is standard admin and daily items as well.

I have also been able to continue writing HARO submissions as well. I have gotten 4 or 5 acceptances to my submissions so far, so much better than the first time I gave HARO writing ago about 9 months ago.

These last two weeks have taught me a lot of patience and to take my time with my tasks. Having that fine balance between work and school means needing to rest and compartmentalize a bit better. The shift to thinking one task at a time rather than everything I need to do has been great for productivity. I have been able to stay on top of tasks rather than rushing through things and rushing everywhere and taking much longer than needed for items.

This week is also finals week as well. I am ready to be one step closer to graduation. 1 round of finals down and 3 to go.

Pearl Lemon is having exciting changes and challenges for myself as well. We are preparing myself for that big transition to full time status. This means moving me away from alot of the current work I do and more toward being more client-facing and learning sales.

Sales will be a huge help given that I have a sales class that starts this term for school as well and skimming the book it is not as informative as I was hoping.

The change is a bit intimidating for me, but good. I think I have hit the point where I don’t necessarily feel stagnant, but rather comfortable. I feel once you become comfortable you hit a danger zone with getting bored. This boredom will end up costing myself work quality and work ethic.

Time for more excitement, big change…and that slow transition to being another Dee.

Until next time