Weekly Team Member Update 44- Lydia (Head of Internal Growth)

Oh Wow

Long time, no blogging.

I thought it had been much sooner than it has as far as these core member updates have been…apparently time has slipped my grasp much more than I had thought.

Given it has been a few months, I do need to borderline force myself to write these weekly again and rework them into the routine. A major error with falling behind has been allowing myself to group them together or do them twice a month and eventually these got pushed to too far low priority to write.

The last few months have been hectic to say the least.

Outside of Pearl Lemon I have:

-moved twice

-finished fall term

-made it through the hectic mess of holidays

-started spring/final term

-been in and out of the hospital

-bought a truck

-was a grown up and spent a lifetime filing my taxes

-finished getting all baby items for Charlotte’s arrival in March

-began baking sour dough bread

-Todd was in and out of the doctor hoping dearly it wasn’t Covid (thankfully it was not, but was a persistent step-throat)

-And lastly, finally five weeks out from Charlotte being here an am hard core fighting the desire to nap on the same schedule as a cat… LOL major whale vibes

Inside of Pearl Lemon, it has been just as hectic to varying degrees of stress and excitement:

  • I was brought into Sales, learning the process and to provide support when I can
  • I was brought into PLL, learning the process and again providing support
  • Gathering together all PLL materials and see what needs fixing and centralizing everything on Nifty
  • Trying to keep up with content writing and failing a bit
  • Keeping up with my usual admin and accounting type tasks
  • Attempting to learn FaceBook ads and that being a very rocky journey
  • Helping revamp Dee’s Linkedin and posting articles out
  • Editing blogs Dee sends over
  • Needing to overhaul the blogs as they got out of order
  • The usual churn of tasks and new types of items forever changing

More exciting has been the involvement in a few client projects. One is that I have been able to continue to learn the art of writing email sequences while learning the specific brand voice associated with them.

Also, a MASSIVE project related to Etsy. This has been having to fix listings and ensuring that images match what was done, ensuring there are images for new listings, and more. Collation of materials and “quick” fixes have totalled me close to 10 hours alone and we are about half done with the uploads. It is a lot, but refreshing as it requires me to sit and focus on the main item.

Aside all the new items that come through, I do need to attempt to keep catching up to clear out items that have ended up getting shuffled around as high priority deadlines pour in. Senior term does take a bit more daily time than previous terms, so as I head into week 3 of the final 16, I already miss the ability to work 6 hours a day rather than struggling to hit 4 for Pearl Lemon each day.

Until next week, when I hopefully can balance out my time a bit more an get back to weekly publishing and earn my way out of the shame corner with the progress of getting these published.

Written by Lydia

Lydia- Pearl Lemon's Head of Internal Growth

Partner at Pearl Lemon since May 2019. Based in Muskegon, Michigan.

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