Another Sunday, another blog post.


A few more posts and the rhythm will be back again.

This week has been a bit of a blur, honestly the last few have and I assume the next few will as well.

30 days and counting until my due date, so I am rushing to keep up with Pearl Lemon and aim to get two weeks ahead in classes in anticipation of missing 3+ days while I will be in the hospital.

This week has been alot of administrative type work. Keeping up with Dee blog edits and styling help with Kaushal takes a bit of time, but we have reached a point where I can edit them as they come in. Along with monthly invoicing related tasks.

I am finishing up a keyword sheet and posting schedule today as well.

This week has also ended up ensuring everyone is set as far as active accounts for campaigns, keeping up with client projects, proposals and the likes.

I am beginning to grow tired much faster with a weird spurt of energy late at night that I debate using for class or Pearl Lemon. Once 10 pm hits, even if I am asleep, I wake up and have a high burst of energy for 2-3 hours and find it impossible to sleep.

On the plus side, I finally was able to order new glasses as well. I am getting two pair of prescription lenses with blue light filter and UV protection…and anti-glare. Along with similarly treated sunglasses with my prescription. I am hoping this eases some of the light headaches and makes living behind a screen a bit easier. I have heard good things about blue light filter lenses for those that need a prescription or just the filter, so here is to hoping they are as good as the feedback I have been given.

blue light filter glasses

This week has taught me to remember how important breaks and rests are no matter how much I want to do. Once that tired point hits the level of effectiveness my quality of work struggles to keep up, so it is better to just shut the computer and take a break and get back later.

Onward and upward though. Hoping that this week proves to be a bit more productive as I find my peak hours between my body trying to force me to nap.

Until next week