Another Sunday, another blog post.

Granted, these have moved to monthly rather than weekly now, I have finally remembered to set a recurring reminder to do this either the third or fourth Sunday of each month.

Life has been fairly hectic since my last post back in mid February.

Charlotte and Todd

The fine art of balancing a new born, a toddler, work, and school is definitely an art. Daylight savings has put a definite hiccup in the routine though. The kids are now an hour off of the usual as they have not adjusted yet and it has been a week now.

Being back to writing is exciting for me as I forgot how much I enjoy it and how many times I had to push it back because other high priority admin tasks would pop up.

The biggest lesson I have learned, well continue to learn, is how to find and best implement the use of work blocks to have the most effective work times. There seems to be two blocks of time that Charlotte will sleep for 90 minutes and two blocks she is willing to sleep in my lap for up to an hour. This means I have four total sessions I can split between work and school when I am alone. Late afternoons I may be able to get my sister to hold Charlotte for a bit, but usually most of that time is giving Todd his own attention and any housework that is needed. Days still feel stressful, but it seems mostly driven by me still adjusting to the new sleep routine or lack thereof.

On good nights we wake up about four times between 9 pm and 7 am. If I am lucky, Todd will sleep until 630/700 and then my sleep is not interrupted too much. I may be back to NEEDING two cups of coffee in the morning, but I am hoping this is the last week I need to adjust to nights of “power napping.”

As far as lessons within Pearl Lemon, I am working on trying to write my Kemistri posts a bit faster. I am back to having an understanding of the topic a bit more, so it is easier to write as I connect pieces, so I no longer need to spend so much time researching to understand first.

The last few weeks we have also made a large switch at how weekly team meetings are held. I am enjoying the more interactive training sessions compared to the usual round robin of team updates.